27 April 2017

walk the dog vlog - episode 1

fit dog fat James.

right in my infinite wisdom I've decided

to do an a walk the dog vlog which is we take the dog for a walk but then do like a vlog I don't like that word vlog it's like weird it's sort of like it's got cringy connotations with it but anyway you walk the dog and you do a video and you just talk about stupid shit and that's what it's gonna be so yeah every time I can be bothered to actually go out and walk the dog which isn't that often because usually I'll just be in bed and I'll let my mum do it I will actually go out and walk the dog down the riverbank here which is actually quite nice for where I live I mean wherever anyone lives anyway you always say it's bad like you can live in the nicest place in the world but you always find something wrong with it um but here this is I guess the nicest part of locally went anyway um where I live but yeah I walk down here I talk about some stupid unnecessary stuff then I've already recorded the bit that you're going to see in a minute so I've forgot what I said by some it about not being healthy lately will come from that way or that way or maybe down there or there or maybe I don't yeah it'll come from somewhere to be

honest I do you ever take your dog for a run or take yourself for all someone's drawn Albert Einstein on the bridge oh Jesus I didn't slip down is that Albert Einstein I don't know always fucking teza may tell that's cool I need to put on into the would you think's way yeah yeah so I can't tell the difference between Einstein and Theresa May from the distant maybe I need glasses I don't know um right yeah anyway wit was like you know when you take your dog for a run or a walk and you decide you know what you're in you're rowing gear from just being at rowing anyway you might as well take your dog for a run instead of walk so you're running along and you do that side the river bank yes enough probably what's that not even a kilometer but I am so just not in shape I'm just not fit at the moment which is sad because the dogs are running ahead of me right just bombing along and and I'm here like fucking I can't keep up with her and she's she's just off like that and a lot you get used and to be quite honest it's not a pleasant nzwr pleasant experience so them I'm making this video try and tell myself the plan

to get in shape and whether I will do that or not I'm not I'm not gonna let see on us who can be bothered I mean woman who is my manager at workers said she's going to give me free boxes of brownies for doing my work which is what I get paid to do but she's giving me brownies anyway so I can't put her um but you know get into shape that's the problem and it's not it's not easy to do this dog this dog is in shape look at it go on site yeah you can stop now thank you um yeah so if I was as fit as the dog life would be good but I'm not as I saying isn't it fit as a butcher's dog but that's that's because the butcher's dog gets fed like loads of sausages I mean I a sausages for lunch but I'm not fit so if I was a dog though I'd be fit it doesn't make much sense um long story short someone told me to get a gym membership or something so I had she's only working out Cheers sick gentle gentle gentle gentle Oh