10 October 2018


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hey guys what's up welcome back to my

youtube channel and um don't forget to subscribe like if you love dogs you should subscribe also like this video and comment so I know earlier today I made a video f of what I should post for later like a video I'm still thinking on what but I got quite a few comments saying like LPS little spit job and so I'm thinking of doing that but I'm not sure but I'm gonna walk with my dog and it's very awkward there's so many cars going down my street and it's like so weird just seeing me like film like I know people go into like the middle of malls and they're like filming public [Applause] yeah I said I'm taking my dog for a walk so um my parents went out of town for a couple hours I think for like two or three hours they have to get something at a store that they really like and yeah I know my going out of town for like quite a few hours just to get something from a store yes I understand that might be freaking messed up but I actually don't mind I love being home alone [Music]

my dog is so cute today like I don't know why he's being so cute I think he won for little treats [Applause] I also have a lot of people staring at me because I have marker on my face so I'm gonna quickly run over to my friend's house Miley um quickly went over to her house see if she's home um she should be home and yeah if she is we're probably gonna hang out sorry I just got like sidetracked come on guys go go see Bella you're gonna see Bella my friend Miley has a dog named Bella so I also have like awesome work buddy mention that like why not mention it again cuz I know why not okay so my friend was at home I guess she went to church and it's not even Sunday come on okay hi remedy we have to make run across the street I wonder if I could hang out with my other friend mckaela mckaela in one of them I have two friends named Michaela and Kalyn [Music] so yeah I've never heard that my friend

Miley even went to church I never knew this she was into church really I'm not gonna show the rest now I have to come back after I drop you back off home and clean that mess up okay we're gonna cross the street there's another dump coming all right guys like comment share and subscribe and don't forget to press that post notification on to be notified when I upload a new video I'm probably gonna have a dog please hi