14 August 2019

Walking 3 masive dogs! (Face Reveal)

there look at sport okay it's Farkle

okay Duke get Zach none of them are my dogs oh oh I'm so sweaty angels why is angel all Sparkle ugly face no I'm kidding I'm so tired it just started smelling like groceries okay it's just started smelling like taking off my slime sack Oh Frick is that Bowie what he showed up king charging holy I hold Zach for a little until I get tired of Zach winkers by the way guys I'm gonna blow buddy let's go back start walking back I'll have to pull Zach join kurz come on buddy that if you don't stop but no I don't feel like her onion go back go home I wish we could connect our lesions all into one leash yes or no they did Vegas get a bunch of leashes and then hold them all at the same time which is too much work his leash gone OOP I just got a text message Oh brah I just want a party invite to my own birthday hmm actually hold on wait I'll show you later I don't want to toss the recording or like end it by the way guys my birthday is in five it's like six all right wait it's next week my party's in a couple days it's like tomorrow my

party's off it's not urban air it's going to be for tonight themed and and and and oh go in the dark and I'm gonna vlog it so it's gonna be Liddy stay tuned for that yeah my facebook site no maybe maybe maybe unless you read it oh yeah cupcakes you three line I don't think I've ever seen my face hello there I'm so sweaty holy we accidentally get the no-work Oh y'all will not get the addresses this haha right there but you can't get that oh yeah I'm not gonna show them Bob maybe you know we can go inside hmm are we done walking the vlog I mean dogs alright a car I might show up the license plate I mean oh yeah just fine though alright don't you dare try to go I'm so excited get them in yeah we're trying to get them in the back while you're just standing here I'm screwed oh look there's Duke oh he was behind the car hurry Dukes Kate okay well that might be stood a's vlogs is my first vlog and it's a facial blitz this private property beware of dogs and it says it should say we were abolished not dog yeah but everyone around they

can then got good eyesight or in my cameras good on so and I'm sweaty so that's definitely gonna be the blog you can get some water yelling crews we up y'all [Music]