15 September 2017


Today on #CulpFiction, we take our cat on a walk, experience a bread fail and compare some vegan "chicken" nuggets! Enjoy! ❤ We are Caty and Blake Culp!


[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey boy how are those chicken nuggets you had yesterday did you like those better or did you like the Guardian ones better I don't know I think the Guardian ones were crispier yeah they were I like that with the Boca ones were really good I still need to test er day yes yeah yesterday we went to the gym I'm so sore today that was the first time we'd gone to the gym in like an embarrassingly long time but we got we came home and Blake was like I want chicken nuggets so if you watched our last vlog we have these chicken nuggets which are the Gardein crispy tenders but then we recently got where are they our freezer is so full you also got the Boca original chicken veggie nuggets and so he had these yesterday we had been having the Gardein ones well they're saying that right it's gonna be really awkward if it's not nerdy like you had the Boca wins yesterday when we have been having at

the gardening ones and they were good I think I like the Guardian ones better and also I'm really bummed too because this is the loaf of bread that was like really attractive and like super sexy in the beginning of that video from the last vlog and it is so work it is not thick I don't know really what happened I think I think it maybe got a little too dried out possibly and so the yeast and it didn't like react well it didn't like rise that well so oh well like I said in that video bread is different every time you make it it still tastes good that's what matters so what was that show that we just finished watching Ozark how would you think about it very good if you guys are like man I have nothing to watch on Netflix right now we just finished wrong yes you do you should watch Ozark because it was really really good jason bateman plays the main character and also he directs it and it's really good where do we tell you huh what did we say what you'll go back here I'm gonna walk I'm going to walk we're gonna take the cat out the front door for a couple minutes to walk hurt see what happens because she really wants to come

oh my goodness just think really load to the yeah there goes the cat she know she's walking just like a dog that's so funny her tails up she's happy oh my goodness just casual family walk the last cat has appeared what will I get to do hmm our cat looks so big compared to the actions that there are cats the one that's like um yeah I don't know oh there emerges our little kitten kitties like no I want to go back and play some more all right both the pets are back inside and both are like all the tiles so nice and cold that was a lot of work whoo hey the cat yeah she did she loved it yeah well you really don't take the cat with us we'll take the dog we've never taken a cat that far before yeah she did super good she met a new friend I don't know if the other cat was thinking she was a friend but whatever she loved it loved it you said I wasn't gonna wake up early no guess who's up early amazing that's not true I have my alarm set for by 45 I don't know if you're right or wrong honestly is he related to Alexander Skarsgard you would if you saw him it is weak everybody and it is so

early we don't even have a sunrise yet look at this ah oh wow that is actually really beautiful I think for today's question of the day what's the funniest thing you've ever seen in public like walking a cat it's pretty funny right have you ever seen somebody walk a cat I have you have I don't remember when I feel like that I've seen in somebody walking maybe it was like a gift I read it though a real thing rule IRL well let me know what is the funniest weirdest most interesting thing you've ever seen in public IRL and on that note I hope you guys enjoyed this ball I gave you to make sure you give it a big thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't already and we will see you next time bye