13 August 2019

Walking a dog.

okay I'm with the dog again

if anyone knows that this breed is of dog he looks like kuznetsky probably on a ski that's the girl why are you calling a bud that's disgusting what's it I smell something she just had to pee okay [Music] [Music] [Music] why isn't Ellie doing anything about it [Music] she hears the dogs maybe she's deaf [Music] yeah that noise she made kind of like Oreo she's scared tree you see oh oh look it's better than early look look look at it burn nothing up there Ellie three might add there might be a school over there let's go Hey look come on look at this tree right here mmm that is a deadly bird you can't eat that Oh what's up stop what did she see cuz if squirrel her Ellie stop cuz she was that corn of mine I think this oh this hospice chasing this bird and that bird didn't see the door shut and I fought through

the shop and that first hit that door weren't that bird but we went hot we wanted to hawk get the bird well you do do that what what way did you do not let me get the bird how did that work out until the shop there they kick it up get her in there bird was able to fly I was like milena she's peeing again like a freaky [Applause] it's not like an airplane but it was that clear can did that little thing come on let's go going back to the shop myself this is the last video I thought it was gonna doing that shame and story will be the last day or the summer what what are you talking about my life is a lie I don't know this is a thing okay never mind that I might be able to cram another story in here that is if I know what I'm doing I don't know what I'm gonna be writing probably another story about like a war zone I'm ever gonna into drops the demand for a while I'm gonna stop reading about him for a couple days or maybe a couple weeks cuz he's tending to take over the

channel me dog I want to give you a pet we can I took it to the ops okay Ellie come on through the office do-do-do-do-do-do