09 January 2019

Walking a nervous fearful dog downtown


hey guys out with Kovac taking a walk

downtown in the city of Frederick has any of you ever drove in a city can you remember your first time driving in a city man driving a city can be stressful especially if you're not confident and your abilities to drive in the first place well that brings me to my point when you're driving through a city it's kind of stressful when you're new at it when you're unsure what to do when you're not sure the rules of the road completely but you know what's not stressful driving through a city sightseeing with somebody who's driving who is very experienced and very competent but then it can be enjoyable why am I talking about all this well it's simply an analogy for walking your anxious dog or any dog Co buck here is an anxious dog that's no secret right she's an anxious dog and if I had this walk set up in a way where she felt like she had to be the one to leave and to be the decision maker well then she'd experienced the stress of a new driver trying to drive through a city instead what I want her to feel is that I'm in the driver's seat I'm confident I'm taking care of everything and she's just a passenger along too

while co buck is in her downst a I want to talk to you guys about why giving her direction and taking the leadership role meaning I'm the one who's in control of this at this outing helps her feels safe and comfortable no matter how anxious somebody is about any given scenario if you've been around truly anxious people and truly anxious dogs telling them it's gonna be okay is not enough okay if I try to tell somebody who's super super super nervous to ride in a car through a city we use that analogy again that it's just gonna be okay and that and everything's gonna be fine it's not enough for extreme anxiety you need to prove to that person or to that dog that it's going to be okay all right instead of coddling a dog in a situation where they might be nervous saying it's gonna be okay it's gonna be okay pat pat pat show them it's gonna be okay let me say here here's what we're gonna do I have a game plan because I'm confident I'm gonna have you walk and heal next to me and I'm going to prove to you that these things that you're scared of are not harmful to you I'm there for you I'm gonna take action I'm gonna take responsibility to get us from A to B and

show you that everything's gonna be okay and I'm gonna do that over and over and over again to the point where you trust me you trust my guidance you can now relax the reason coddling doesn't work is because it's not directional and if you're just using coddling and baby talking to try to make your dog to feel better about a situation first of all you're gonna notice it doesn't work because if it did I will well dog trainers wouldn't exist cuz that everybody could say it's gonna be okay baby what you're doing is you're not getting a dog any direction what they really really need is for you to prove to them it's gonna be okay by stepping up to that leadership role saying this is what I need you to do we're gonna do this so I'm gonna show you everything is going to be fine okay that works that's direction that's leadership that's helpful with that being said with that being said there's a difference between coddling and then phrasing okay if I'm taking the leadership role and I want to let her know you are doing awesome then I'm going to let her know and I can do

that with affection that is okay right so if I see her down here and I see she's doing great around all these distractions I'm going to simply tell her good job honey you're doing great this is reassurance its reassurance but I'm not just giving reassurance reassurance reassurance I'm backing up what I say and I'm taking action and then when she's giving me trust and she's participating and what I've asked her to do hey I can give praise good job honey you're doing fantastic keep up the good work I appreciate you giving me trust okay that's how we use it so if you're just using if you're just using affection and you're not giving direction with it you're not using it as just praise to say hey good job keep going we're almost done then you're not going to get anywhere okay we're gonna continue on with our walk let's head further into town with more distractions down stays are a great way to use structure in a way to introduce your dog to stimulus that might make them nervous right that allows them to sit still

without running and try to hide from this stuff and it gives them the chance to finally realize oh my gosh nothing's going to harm me this is not so bad really great way to build confidence in the world around alright let's continue on the walk come heel guys I really hope this was helpful co buck I can feel it starting to loosen up out here really trust in me and my guidance so remember with all dogs but especially with dogs who are nervous and anxious we need to prove to them that we're capable of leading and that we're competent and that we're in control and that will keep them safe and they can trust our direction this helps immensely with making them feel secure and allowing them to experience the world in a way that eventually makes them feel like it's a safe place to be throwing a little free time in there too for some bonus she's doing great a dog who's really nervous will actually have trouble going off on their own and sniffing which I noticed with her in the beginning she wouldn't even take a potty break but now now she's trying to explore a little bit which is good she's letting her guard down she's not so

worried this is fantastic explore a little bit maybe even use the bathroom then we'll head home thanks for watching come on break please think about it all yeah good girl