07 October 2019

Walking Archie da dog

- what's up we're back with another

video today copy number a dog called Archie hi Archie okay so we're just taking bone Archie stay stay aren't you stay good boy Thursday hi so I think had we had was gonna take the lead for a bit I've got it just stay aren't you stay take it Oh [Applause] so guys it was just going to be video 18 do like me and we'll try then to player Thursday that might be a big deal I'm not sure with Harry I don't know but you can see yeah you should Archie Archie stay so I can actually do any tricks how many stretch to think that you can do are to say gee you have to do what's the chemical equality so we're probably gonna be good yeah okay so we're probably gonna do you are FIFA and Forza if we can have enough time to kick first one Rock Paper Scissors shoot so that's okay we're playing Forza mm-hmm if you have enough time you may put your tip toe foot you're most likely just gonna play for it not I'm not gonna show

the number of it cuz that's me [Applause] any load this boys doesn't look like it sells a bunch of stuff into this case you've gotten way edge you can really find it well not really fun but quite fun look at that alright so that my team's gonna do for this FIFA now your feet oh yeah well okay okay what track the one that looks like a pill okay the one we always do [Applause] see you can get there Cardinals broken after good idea yeah we only do that but just not on time because I was here just before Sam you actually stood why are you gonna bully you have to run it's not nice yeah oh yeah we're kidding actually backs on this again okay for that yeah I won't okay okay come on [Music] what do you mean it's okay guys we'll see you when we've dropped Archie off yet back at you guys I think I might just end the video here yeah we're gonna do like another one or two busy yeah yeah Miami say no those are so cringy I mean black aren't you stay last to stay up but even though I won that okay guys

we're gonna hit the 10-minute mark so we'll do that Ziya so make sure to LIKE and subscribe notification box about the burbs okay so what's here in the next art I think art cheese enjoy 25 okay so so yeah and we'll see you later please