23 April 2019

Walking around with my Dog Lotus

okay we're live

hey guys been a while huh I'm out with my dog we're taking a walk notice notice behind the people it's my baby girl Lotus she's a good girl she is three years old you're the pretty puppy here don't be shy big girl okay I guess fixing my hair cuz it's windy out here can you please start making the party - yeah mmm if I can let the problem is uh I have it in a file on my computer I seem to record - so does Raven and Jo and Joey but uh we've been busy this month and stuff and we have a lot to do so it's a maybe if I can alright now I'm going to take Ms hold money the girl who was one of the art contest um bunny was second place and kadai alley was first place [Music] I'm damn gonna take my dog for a walk yeah she's a good dog and stuff I love her so much she just sweetheart hello and there she go with being cute notice notice my girl you're a sucker and my eyes um thank you video possum cool I I love people so she is not a

pitbull she's not strong in separating mix she's a good girl asking what we's my workout clothes so that's why I'm just running around with her so I could get to her side and stuff from stress mine are full of bullet holes in purebred okay which one might a lotus you wanna lay with me it's okay baby [Laughter] don't be embarrassed okay man mama it's okay you can land mommy it's okay hmm she's a very good I love her so much she's my puppy I love her so much mmm I love you too good dog it's freaking cute thank you she is my baby and I love her so much she's like really funny dog to be honest she um she loves to go swimming and stuff in my pool she loves taking baths mmm she doesn't she's a very very cool dog my dog is she's not strong and Shepherd and she is just a beautiful dog and she's a pretty little girl okay she is just so cute how much ammo he's okay it's another kid I thought he was pretty cool I have a chihuahua make sure the German Shepherd absolute that's crazy damn bug oh I've got my eye

what's her name her name is Lotus we have anything guys know good name it's a flower it's really pretty as a mosquito here God Oh Danny mosquitoes [Music] [Music] who ludus no oh she farted gross ya know was you misty Louis yeah no I think we are dead well I'm not really that interesting a person guys like all I do just comic ducks and oh - I'm I'm going to just show more I guess I didn't wrote the top two so yeah okay nobody's gonna stain good ball keeping your cool what a good Spanish no I don't speak Spanish no espanol how old are you push watching anime if you're counting [Music] pokemons and stuff 5 because um I'll consider you know Yasha it's my first one who does the boys gonna Yasha in your video Raven hunter dubs he does he have the voices yeah over me and mine origami comics and Adrian's last shot noir oh how does he play I can't think it's gonna rain probably I think more to be honest I miss you

just to chill out my dog yo my pimps hello I miss live today because yeah to the moon hmm it's nice but I'd have a question anybody from to the moon but slides Helios I'm sorry Elias not hell yes no it's Elias I miss her used to the nineties but um yeah like the only crush I had an enemy ahsha was one of the bad guys actually his name was bond code su he was from the band of seven Arkham he was hot so [Music] but my main crush still is Alleluia autism from Gangnam to below it's a good anime I'm talking Titan I like it but it has too much hype and I got tired of it I'm with my dog notice notice it didn't matter my girl she's a very sweet girl I have one but I have gone in like about two years so sorry cuz I don't remember it not only boarded it so whatever she'sshe's the fly you're a silly girl Lotus Rose who was it away into comics me that would be me I mean guys don't you read the descriptions and stuff like guys I mean who else was hurt that's me I mean I am the only one who does in the Atacama cup so asker Tsonga that is Joey house or

you know where I was Joey Kat Miroku is played by my friend Kyle that's j8j 8 0 KR and he's a great actor and director um let me see we don't Koga is played by my friend King Kodiak he also plays Luca from my miraculous ladybug comics and he does a great job that did basically for my cast I guess I'm about to get a new Tiki very soon my friend my friend uh Sookie's gonna play it for now on so there's that [Music] ask for a flag and itís also Kyle Nathaniel is also Kyle for sure the things I've done Daniel Colin given a long long time that's the 2016 that was long though Michelle Moreau that is done by Osama Maru as you know from sucker's channel Issa he also voices buckled over me in my my hero of Amy comics and I played Luka so is that I only have much of people voicing my hero comics not much because I feel I started and stuff let's get start although I do need Sarge a more comic up tonight at the chance because um I've been busy and stuff and I've been kind of a little sick so there's that too so anyway guys I'm gonna go I got finished

my slides and my walk went dog so I'll talk to you guys later so bye