03 November 2019


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man you waste of bullets we ain't never got me are you bringing wolfgang on I asked hey now I'm gonna take orders from you I don't think so that'll be the day that'll be the day some you want to tell me you want another day yeah I tell you today mister yo today I take orders from a nigger how's that signal like Dickson's brain weak I'm hoping hear somebody's voice cuz I'm getting sick and tired of here mom yeah well that makes two of us appoint you knock that crap off give me a headache one once you pull your hair down chairs maybe your headache will go away I tell you what you get me out of these cuffs I'll be all Sam and sunshine positive for you see a hacks over to a bed get it for me make it worth your while get me on this thing you can beat my ass you call me nigger some more oh come on now wasn't personal it's just that you're kind of my car ain't meant to mix don't mean we can't work together parlay as long as there's some kind of mutual gain involved I guess you want me to get that rifle over there too so you can shoot that cop when he comes back up huh what about Merle Dixon that assholes out

on the street with a handcuff keys the day on key I'll drop the keys on me I was scared and I ran I'm not showing them I stopped long enough to change that door dick sends a lie he's still up there handcuffed on that roof I had the key I dropped I dropped it down the drain just made me feel better don't that chained the door to the roof so the geeks can get at him tell me where he is so I'm go get him you see anybody else here stepping up save your brother's cracker ass why you wouldn't even begin to understand [Music] surviving you called that survived just wondering out in the streets maybe passin out what is eyes out there no worse than being handcuffed and left to rot by you sorry pricks and I'm the one black guy realize how precarious I mix my situation how are you talking about mmm I'm talking about - good old boy cowboy sheriff's and a redneck Oh his brother cut off his own hand because I dropped a key we're in the scenario you think it's gonna be first to get unless

if I'm not mistaken that redneck went out of his way to save your ass more than once boom Dixon is that your friend with the antibiotics I'm sure I call him the Flint this doxycycline mine just saved your life you know what Merle was taking a baby clap that's what they all said same basis plant the best thing ever happen to you yeah Big O spear chucker mm-hmm I want to drop the key tell me where's that I'm sure Tito I'd like to bury the hatchet let bygones be bygones he didn't make it well I hope he went slow [Music]