25 April 2019

Walking dog and feild review

so today guys that's another video oh

you're taking my dog for a walk she's right there oh she's got a party right now sounds do walk around of the house just got done eating got my new watch today Def Leppard alright Lynyrd Skynyrd sorry so one of my last videos I forgot to do a tour of the camper come on really so that's what I'm gonna do in this year video I was watching one of my friends YouTube videos you're driving a golf cart which I wish I had one but you know we really don't need one yeah so there's our camper there's gates for from the maltose there's the trailer I showed him on my last videos pretty bad come on Billy we have it latched so that nobody gets in there I can even get on there we go oh here it is here's one I pull up my flashlight beam I stay here okay flashlights being a little slow so here's our camper I really don't have a flashlight on me so here's my other phone Oh my brother's phone yeah pretty big not that big but you know decent size so I'm gonna lash this back up so ya know here's the trailer can't get into it my dad locked

it come on Bailey Bailey there's my sister's little four-wheeler come on Bailey Bailey come on hmm I'll go take a walk back to my burn barrel that my brother is gonna be burning garbage here a little bit come on Bailey yeah there's stalls burn barrels right there um burn pile yeah it's a burn barrel a little messy around it come on Bailey woodpeckers get really sick and tired of them out here I'm gonna clean it out where's this back here that's for my gun um so now I'm gonna take a walk back here come on Bailey yeah yeah yeah we're chillin our Road here so it's not all muddy and crap there's one of our old one of the trees I'm gonna cut down yet Jeremih took a walk back here I'll get in the field in a little bit here um so yeah back there there's a mud pit I don't know if you guys can see that right there but yeah I'm gonna grab a little Bailey here really really really yeah I'm gonna walk because I don't want her to get in that thing in there it's an alfalfa field there's Romero over Bell so no fell for field we have

to plant it yeah I have to tilt it up and then plant it one gets to be that time there's our neighbors pumpkin field yeah I mean three big field six hundred yeah it's kind of rocky and muddy let's cuz just rained here in Minnesota I don't know how many parts of Minnesota it rain but we got like not much rain but a lot o lot lot that's some yeah there's the field in my last video I went to I went over and seeing my sleds in the truck um I'll give you a veal inside of the truck because I only got the Blazer last time grass is wet really wet see my shoes they're wet and muddy from the field my trampoline it's kind of messy around it yeah little jumpy right here but that's fine little puppy sister socks bunch of garbage for my sister um here's a truck [Music] pretty nice yeah my dad just got home from work this is a ram 1500 four-wheel drive there's my dad's car another car driving by um hi dad I'll grab Bailey outside there's our neighbor out doing a stunt work count the John here 15 20 I think it is I really don't know oh yeah

there's your wood pop right there so this is gonna close up this video hope you liked it we smash that like right and subscribe see ya