13 March 2019

WALKING DOG ♡ SELF CARE (1st time editing!)

selfcare #petlover.

morning Nico oh you see another dog

there another dog one Nico nice walk in it go Nico likes to lift this leg and pee on things poor Nico come on Nico come on let's go let's go Niko let's go Niko I'm gonna stop every two seconds say good morning Niko happy Wednesday it's about 10:20 a.m. been up for like an hour and a half probably do it's icy here hold on Niko I don't want to fall to my running shoes Niko Sibbett that's what I'm wearing okay Niko let's go go around the circle Monaco now I'm going people's yards remember we told you he sees another dog Nico had fun you just had a little interaction with another dog that was excited to see him right Nico kind of matching it away I guess it's comfy it's a little cold but we're walking at a decent pace most of the time most of the snow has gone away it's so cool we just came from over here I'm gonna go all the way around to the very end where the lights are and traffic and that's real Canadian

Superstore in the right it's really big grocery store and clothes and everything like that Nico just turned me in a nice circle so I'm gonna walk down hold on Nico show something I'm going to walk down to the lights down there turn right I'm going looking a circle or square everyone say it and then go right all the way down the street and then go back to our street right Nico what do you say Nico you want everyone to have a good Wednesday hump day winners we are winners Wednesday we have one when it's Wednesday one another day in the life on Wednesday we won neko cuz we're weak and walking lots of w's wednesday walking winner [Music] there you go again okay back down back down the beige brick road good things are happening nico got to win on wednesday get a lottery ticket today i am love money and money loves me right Nico what do you love walking another W and water W squad what what like I'm a Williams but I MacWilliams yo yo hopefully this video gives you guys some inspiration and motivation to move whether it's going for a walk or

whatever you kind of exercise you like to do or even getting off the chair or couch and move in doing things I'm proud of you if you do that and I'm proud of you just for getting through the days and choosing life because it's the answer yes walking winning wondering okay we're almost done here see it you can see hold on okay race a city bus and we're gonna zoom in here Nikko hold on maybe that's too much here we go Little Caesars Neel place I don't go to that nail place though liquor store restaurant here'sh haircut gas prices went out Nikko it's a car wash Nikko we're beside the car wash oh and resumed in you got a couple of our buses over there we always got buses coming down this street called Oxford Street some big mainstream my city of 400,000 people but it's kind of like a small town but it's a big town pretty Nikko mmm there's another nail salon down there on the corner but it's more expensive I don't go there but I go somewhere else called diva nails enjoying your walk Neko it's a beautiful

day and the neighborhood a beautiful day for a neighbor won't you be mine won't she be mine now we're back on our street Niko was that a nice walking eagle was that a nice walk mine off people's property number told you how was the walk Neko hey honey charlie is looking at me me and Nica went for a nice walk don't mind this stuff in the background I gotta clean up a bit there is my chore happy Wednesday oh I love when you look at me honey your birthday's in two days we're gonna have a birthday party for Friday for your birthday mommy got you a card I get you some more things for your birthday today or tomorrow I'm gonna have a birthday party and a birthday livestream on Friday okay there's precious my precious I love you precious brave mm-hmm my char oh I gotta clean it up looks like precious puked I think one of them puke there no shame shameless Stacie Tony the Tiger style right [Music]