09 September 2019

Walking dog vlog fun

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so hello I'm back with another video if

the day was oh I don't know why I said I think I said hello that way yeah I don't know the title but let's just get back to Z so X choose the X I'm the s so yeah but right now we're just walking the dog doing the dog vlog and yeah we're at the rock right now so yeah I'm so happy you know why baby girl now I am I'm not gonna just be doing like I'm just gonna I'm gonna be doing challenges in my room stuff like that I need to get a ring bite yeah look a little slide so I think I might record from the back because this might easier and I can do this so yeah it's like a slide so I can't go down this slide because it's gonna hurt my feet I see that's but uh her dog you're not gonna be seeing her a lot because like she's um usually at the dog store or somewhere else yeah we take her out a lot yeah you're gonna be seen her some into these vlogs and the challenges but yeah there's like a little slide right here oh god I am let's go down so if I see any cars I'm probably gonna have to UM blur it out if I can if I can so yeah so I live in a complex so shooting a couple more minutes at this rock I don't know why but it just so

yeah sorry I can hear the background noises the airplanes and stuff girl hold the camera covering it he's trying to put but a gift on the side wait let me see no you don't have to do that okay release come on mother oh yeah and this stands right here let it go let it bother you but this way so yeah we got to wait for the X hmm the sky is actually a really good day it's like take people's dogs out for a walk of course we'll in edit this video why wouldn't I yes this new channel is gonna be tall yeah don't forget to subscribe like comment down below what you guys about this video don't forget to stop us oh it don't forget to snap us out which means share this video and you know and once I'm not big I'm not a big I might have big tuber yet so that's why I don't have commercials on mine once I once I am a big super I'll be having commercials a mighty and probably making money I don't know maybe so I keep up with you guys probably will I can't freakin dropping her leash um if y'all don't live in on complex and the fire learned is a little off sometimes

then y'all come but our fairy log went off freaking twice oh my god there is pleased to file art in the house [Music] [Music] I fireman in there and fire alarms off come on better what I do [Music] we are alarm low not twice so I had to pause that because I didn't like so yeah therefore I'm run off finally I was not like a look you know so the UM firefighters are coming and they're kinda glad to stay back here because like um so you have to sit back here because fires are gonna go inside cuz there's no driveway here so we gotta sit back here and we can't record the end of today's vlog so make sure you guys subscribe and so make sure that subscribe and say like you gonna say make sure you guys subscribe and gonna say it like so make sure you guys subscribe and girl well I'm gonna say subscribe and say luck so Misha got subscribe and like so make sure you guys subscribe and comment down below which one guys thought about this video and don't forget okay everything's going

crazy out here peace