24 March 2018

Walking my dog

what's up games video right now oh it's

not walking my dog you want you this year hey hey don't have morning you know just ate breakfast go get it from Danny's Danny's I just said Danny CSRT Danny's voice oh good crispy pancakes are good but little bit rocket to the sad cuz the Becky was mostly good Debbie I know everybody if you don't is confit day that's a boy or girl but I could tell you her name her name its Abigail and my name is Jamar that's everybody did I just point birthday girl oh my gosh why have you always have to go out today Jesus yesterday tada well merchandise I don't know what he called it richness but that's a nursing merchandise oh oh wait a minute phone just just for me it's like the phone says you know me here cuz she is running all right stop stop go go bye oh yeah you guys no no I don't like being like dog that bites I can't just sneaks just don't I guess my dad does right there by Kylie he's not running today because Sanford he says it's too cold out here

let's just say it's a car out here because whoa she uh she just came off what's the second she just came up look at this she stands up to beat dogs right see this one we did but you didn't I'm just as you keep walking the stream chunks brief and be Wow Wow well he's wild he's really well I want to list the craziest thing that he ever done I need to and it's getting bit by a thousand or whatever it fights or and again I'll get a snap poke it's a dead man Kewell kano's wowed me sad I want to give a shout out to uh Deez Nuts I'm not even sweating oh the prank call the prank Oh lyrics no no no successful no I'm just sort of Wow also I wanted off of those channel 2 or my comments out here what he did he was playing for at night and because he forgot this but give a shout-out to see this record I'm back with another video around man they want to fight Verona don't wanna fight all someone gives you your teeth keep rockin those pranks she's rockin o Saint prank Oh - I don't know if you win arrows meaning I also want to give us out to

Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey I hate your plate and oh what's that ugly woman named Stephanie mint Flynn I don't know that's funny with thin ohh see no Josie was a - you know so so so go get a girl okay what's her down so would I talk to you guys and what will be my own business I'm not fresh she always comes out every time I walk she tries to cheat your mailbox with nothing in here she always reason but yeah oh whoa whoa wait a minute let me put some cookie Nene right dear go just wanna mean his dogs probably on planet yeah oh I'm just talking talking talking board basically I did my friend call this is my no what no no what no just wanted my new we're gonna turn up today all right there is one ton of days because it's my first time going I'm gonna need some art so Lisbon the laugh it's gonna have fun iPhone guys we're just gonna go for my phone oh no give me just walk you up and took my phone finished Roger we won't keep walking this rolling heart yeah also when you give up Sarah to the GP squad JP boy oh no no no Oh [Music]

well I don't got one cap it's four days during my fun let me just in the car and go to my sister gonna fall nice brown skin I want to follow her on WWE Network sister Nakamura Naomi I'm Beth niche for liking and subscribing to my channel yeah - I'm the War II J Kelly Oh Abby no I'm gonna break it off so your mother would so free yeah