11 October 2018

Walking My Dog

what up and then I was go today because

uh I did you might never know that whatever the back I'm gonna knock you see luckily my dog she's all oh man come on she's full of holes cuz she's a dog we're like she's full of lose hair Louis or PC come on come on let me not say anything I might just be walking down Oh find me when I'm I carry a knife around me all the time it's not illegal who's like carrying license so what the use of your old neighbor what and the weird thing is I was thinking I'm here again [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah [Music] [Music] chosen I there's no way this is like best coin world my dog is losing hands due to the come on you do the weather team Oh as much as you can so you can migrate here that's almost hello.c so we can't have her on any of our beds here any headline

the couches just ate dog poop come on you guys even do it to repeat before