24 April 2019

Walking my dog


so hi guys today I am back with another

video as you can see I am continuing my other video and right now I am still walking my dog as you can see and as you can see raining and [Music] I just pushed it down that Mister them what we don't touch the after this video and I'm gonna be having a clap mixer next week there's a next week on Saturday which is gonna be posted for you the next two weeks on Saturday still wrong and I am reading your comments and on its own why is it like two weeks a week after when you post well why it happens like that and because on YouTube like it does it these technical difficulties so yeah asked me to the demo shadow and their name Elizabeth Chrisman take another pic and post it on Instagram I've got to go back inside I am NOT I'll just go outside well right now I just did three minutes but I'm gonna try to 20 minutes and try to make it an hour yeah that car is a lot of you guys would come

you to that well it's me that's true it's for show and won some by it you've been waiting for like weeks she read this month come on hey I buy this truck it's let me check back in 3500 so not that much 3500 for three million five hundred ad for no seemingly 9001 octopus impatient to me come back with you we got some bad side kind of glad doesn't tend to hear this blog who the next video