23 April 2019

Walking my dog


[Music] and he's getting his [Music] [Music] [Music] it was there everyone yeah I got a close-up of it rookie Rookie [Applause] right pull him he can probably smell dog we so well probably lick it but you need to pull him away oh I'm gonna pee so about now I'd let him on illunga lead only a little bit though and rocky and Shasta lead so we just fired and we heard it well I heard they're come on stop sticking your head in the grass the perfect couple huh it's the perfect couple so I just didn't run to Ellen's house to get her stuff with her for her sleepover and her dog his bits came out while I was stroke him and I went to Ella I think he has a thing for me my sister's texted my auntie write it she's probably saying where are you where are you what you doing is either at home and she's just texted me instead of Amelia saying I'm at work oh we've got a car coming there really and

there's the dog putting his head in a bush what do you think to that Ella that Guy'd not look very happy okay so I hope you guys like subscribe please ma'am kitchen Bellevue under-seasoned love me love you all I hope you love my dog as well okay say bye bye say bye bye rookie oh boy bye everyone