24 April 2019

Walking my dog

hey guys what is up and then get him

sayin we got mighty doggies in Lund ish as you can see they're put in the middle and they're gonna take me ever well they're gonna take me where they want so if you ever get him outside vo you're just walking the dogs okay wherever they walk they can lead me click only one leash one case to me my first let's get down the steps ok now they can leave me okay we're just gonna wait come on guys maybe I should just do one dog yeah let's just do one dog because I feel like this gonna be too confusing to them and do this go Millie that one yellow their sister and brother so let's go okay where you want to go stop go how just get into the yard to mourn because why not go ahead I'm not sure maybe I can hook it to the other dog let's see that is better call anybody okay I guess they think it's just me walking them see he's walking as you can see my hands I do okay we stop take a bunker let's go into the neighborhood actually first before we do anything else got going to the neighborhood cuz he's walking himself get teeth where does he go and yes it's the show and my

shadow I'm recording on the tablet as you can see see all right let's go come on can you orders her tree crack here's that one right there oh no he's going come on as you can tell he's walking so he just keeps on gone got it you can see I'm recording with my terrible seeing the shadow put on my tablet okay so yeah let's see where you want to take me these hips hurt that's why he's walking to the side I think he's gonna go catch it you start it over there and yeah keep on walking where he's gonna take me he's choosing keep up the pace to pee on something y'all can heel heel toe heel don't sit go sit don't sit good boy good boy wait y'all he'll lose that car Dillon don't wait shall we go okay let's go back home I have a great feeling about that car and yeah Chuck by said yeah I was still walking me come on man this video here so make sure you like and subscribe we're next