13 August 2019

Walking my dog!

In this video I am walking my pitbull who's name is adrien. I've had her for 11 years now and she's my best friend. I'm also talking about a few different things I do ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today I'm just doing a random vlog of me just just doing what I do like sometimes on a daily basis you know I'm walking my dog right now that's Adrienne she's a pitbull she's almost almost 12 now but yeah anyway springing a little stroller that it's beautiful over here today and I figured I'd do a video we you know walking my dog and whoever else I got to do today you know it's beautiful out here too though they do this little park over near my house and this used to be all trees and abandoned boats and stuff like that and it's really really is a nice scenery now and you know it's over there across the street from Quincy Shore and stuff so it's nice out here today anyway enough me being born it's very nice out today and you know it's a gorgeous Monday it's a gorgeous Monday out today it really is and you know trying to figure out what I what I'm gonna do next and you know I figured I'd do a little video of me walking around and doing whatever I do you know right Adrienne anyway I hope you guys are doing good today and I appreciate the support and love you guys are giving me so far and I hope we

can just keep on going from here and getting bigger and bigger you know anyway it's beautiful Oh today beautiful beautiful sweating a little bit it was very hot out so to be expected you know kinda can't wait to be back into school you know get back into motion in there I go back and less than a month September at some point and I can't wait to go back there and you know I miss being at school and doing what I do look at this goof ball so those roll in the grass it's crazy right come on she's nuts last time I brought her for a walk she rolled him geese poop and that was I was a pain giving her bath tea of that out of her really was to be honest with you oh she rose nah mysterious things you know she loves being outside though just like her just like me just like her daddy you know well anyways probably be doing another video we're going to Six Flags soon I mean Halloween's coming up and that's one of my favorite holidays so you know I'd like to go hard on in October and hit all the haunted houses and do all this different stuff and I like to give her I'm gonna start doing reviews on that stuff so that should be

fun look at the bay behind me man it's it's just beautiful you know and I'm gonna bring her back home and clean up around the house and do some stuff around there and you know get ready for tonight you know I gotta go to a little a pool game of pool league so that's fun I look forward to it every Monday night you know today's our last game so hopefully we do well so we can make it to the playoffs and have a chance at that Vegas you know but yeah other than that please like and subscribe make sure to share the video if you liked it if you have any comments down please leave them below I'd like to said I like like getting new ideas if you guys have any ideas for me what you'd like to see me do let me know in the comments below I appreciate all the support I plea I appreciate you know you guys engage engagement so if you guys have anything you'd like to share leave it below if you guys have any ideas on what videos you'd like to see me do again leave it below and with that I'm gonna end today's little vlog hope you guys have a good day you