10 September 2019

Walking 🚶 my dog

Oh ready I'll come back remember

maturing mommy you do like a large forest before you even do like your own stuff well right now I don't know what I do so I'm just gonna like walk around okay so I just did my own mic run picture oh my god nonsense you go somewhere else because I want to be with this market that I'm going to walk around my neighbor and she took advantage of me and said go walk right down so he's really max max anyways so yeah we're gonna walk him cuz I all we need to go out of a young boy I said we need to go the other way because his best friend an indigo wouldn't hurt to get her so we're gonna go come on back so I'll come back like maybe when I'm half of the way so yeah so we have wade through and I'm next to Penny Lane now somewhere there and yeah right now we're just gonna pass now really catch me would you'd need like a couple more steps and we're gonna pass Steve's house and Emily's house so I'll see you when I'm in their house this was our starting point in the other side and now we're in this side so yeah I just got so scared Souls like walking

just like so fast exercise like he was like putting his like something inside his pocket and I was just like rock didn't know but I didn't run I calmed myself down so yeah now I'll just I just flipped the camera in our store you see there's in this apartment but I can tell you bad so yeah and then I'll just show my dog until we get these chips house it's a beautiful son not son sibling like a good like goat an hour right now and yeah I'll come early right here [Music] wearing this is her apartment where he lives and Kyra she goes right there over there and yeah so I'll come back to them and that is so cute with like teeny for like little Briella yeah we're about to make it to my house yeah very very awkward so chuck was just passing by it guess who was it was what no max sorry guys he was about to pee like in son's apartment in that it's a crazy guy not a crazy guy but he gets really mad like someone like even touches his friends he goes crazy so um yeah than the lady passed and it was like the screws hopper and she smelled a music it was so awkward but look how cute ah didn't cut it

I mean like they may not cut their grass but I think they have something cuz I can i buy I [Music]