13 March 2019

Walking my dog in the winter

hey guys welcome back to my youtube

channel and yes I am walking my dog where he's at okay so actually this is not his personal collar because he was likes Kevin is mega so and basically he's not really supposed to have a collar um because of that so come on buddy come on he's like I don't want to follow you I just wanna go my own steps come on let's go let's go let's go huh go that way so you kind of gotta like kick him to move and tell like tug on him but guys literally look at this this is middlin right now this is legit middlin because right now this knows mounteen we're getting more freezing rain and this is what's causing all this stupid slush this look these gloomy days out and it's so annoying come on let's not go there let's actually go over here in the grasses moist like literally okay come on get into the grass pretty I mean like okay we're gonna actually follow this tracker here it's a snowmobile track come on woody come on he's like no oh I can't see that oh watch come on come on come on woody let's go let's go he's like like on gravel he'll let you take him lake but I mean look at this guy's like look at this think I'm Larry breaking

that okay come come oh honey I know it's cold but you know this is how we have to survive it is my poop get away from the bunny poop get away from the bunny poop yes guys we do have bunnies like we don't own them but they're just like wild bunny is a clearly well that would not be good if you fell over here it's literally so nasty you know I I guess we're gonna go back around the house I just wanted to take that little thing I'm gonna look at this guy's this is literally Michigan arena so come on come on come on I am make sure that he's not limping so we're gonna get to the grass whoa I can feel him shake hey come on baby let's go this is the only way that we're gonna get back to the house look at it it's just a satisfy with you friends oh my god ha ha what are you done here come on we're gonna see what he does downhill come on I know there's like doesn't stick I know tons of six okay and then we're gonna quickly crops we're gonna we're gonna go over here come on whoa you're like you like son can't do this no all right come on come on dude

okay well let's go now this is our apple tree by the way this sometimes when it's nice weather I'll I'll do a summer uh outside to wear of my house yeah of course I'll do one in the winter which I'm gonna do great after this cuz they really look at this little river it down so there's literally so cool okay Rex you're gonna walk up on the ground and the snow no like up here come on baby you ain't getting on the driveway okay let's go come on come on come on baby come on you got it good boy Oh shake shake shake all right let's go let's go come on come on come on alright hey yeah alright so I'll be posting new Instagram pictures by the way I don't know what my Instagram name is so I will show you guys it whoa Oh why are we going up in the snow now you didn't want to but I mean I'm just cuz I love him this summertime guys you will see me riding my hoverboard out here so so hey guys I hope you guys enjoyed don't forget to subscribe and like this video and turn your post notifications for more videos bye