13 August 2019


all right look at this creepy create now

I'm only recording just in case if you die like we're literally alone in this alley dude I'm a corny tell you case if we die we have video proof [Music] he likes men Slenderman I'm gonna be late we got me messed up stop stop pushing me yes I know how to edit not like that no they don't like or not like Cory Kenshin but I cut it Cory can send on a track I'm okay I'm looking scared and we're walking around the corner perfectly the middle of the street knows no cars what's that noise what's that noise I'm actually I'm actually scared what is that noise you're hardly look at me is that is that yes that way careful there's a bomb planted but yeah I'm scared dude yeah that's probably a bomb that's pop I almost fell that's probably a bomb probably somebody put oh yo English a glitch where we run English [Laughter] first one to die my god brought mathlete scared now my heart is beating fast if

it's a hole you're somebody gosh but look at that card I can't record a licensed racing Oh yo how's that noise [Music] I'm recording too so we get home just checking every though if we die right and looking creepy they're gonna show us [Music] [Music] yeah [Music] it does scare me you know Kennedy thought it was gonna [Music] [Music] okay go okay stop looking back you're scary - getting closer was nothing not scaring me too [Music] [Music] no I'm leaving her dogma yo chill [Music] [Music] I mean we imagine we see like your like your honor through the camera but we don't see how but we don't see her I probably jinx it

[Music] we made it actually come it was scary yes I mean I didn't get scary was this funny cause she ran why would he do that