23 April 2019


hey guys it's my only talk on your

screen today I'm gonna be vlogging just a day today my outfit is cute hoodie hoodie what is short and I have a shirt underneath it's like a white shirt with my sink wait um I think yeah it has dinosaurs old dinosaurs um so yeah today's vlog is just gonna be me right now I'm walking my dog that's Kristin's home I'm gonna walk around my neighborhood and stuff and he's gonna go flying hopefully I'm gonna vlog I brought paste like uh thanks to clean up her waste if she does anything so yeah I'm just gonna walk while I walk her and yeah by the way guys I I deleted my spilling the tea video guys I didn't notice yet because I don't know I felt like I like I definitely sounded a little bit a little bit mean so I took it down and yeah that's my that's that's that's that question of the day comment below what is your favorite movie that you've watched in your life for me it's definitely 5 feet apart and after cause like they're just so great movies you know today was for the movies my cousin by the way guys right now it took around five o'clock yeah yeah my friend movies

after and five feet apart but if I had to choose one of those I definitely I mean I would choose that yeah I choose five to the part and then it would be after today my favorite movie five to the park on below it's your favorite movie is cuz I want to know you know so I'm gonna walk or yo which is the name of my dog around the little houses over there and I'll show you guys cuz this is where I live I mean probably guys are gonna know weird is it gonna are not gonna know that it's Valley Stream yeah okay Oreo it's like walking me basically Oh sis don't forget me okay now they're right at me so good though come on Ethan I'm gonna walk her back I'm gonna walk the gorge think the clamp because there's literally kids over there playing and I don't want to you know get into their beeswax so I'm just gonna my mom is this oak over here they're playing always trying to get me annoyed but that's okay yeah I'm just by the way I'm wearing my slippers cuts it's just the chill walk nice so it's like 60 70 degrees oh no it's like 60 degrees out so why not take a look you know and she is peeing so that's great

just keep walking why is this so stetic to me like I don't even know why Oh God huzzah like Shania or her sister I don't even know there's like coming by the window and mr. Namath Morita I'm gonna walk RIT towards that way come on okay my grandpa's literally working with her so why not let's say hello you know he's looking construction over there oh my god really like walking me instead of me walking her okay I think that's my grandpa I don't even know yeah yeah okay why is this so aesthetic to me having my shoes here and my dogs with my hand this whoo yeah come on Dee one of my teachers lives by in this way she's like yeah one of my teachers and hopefully I don't see her yeah that's my gumbo right there currently yo don't smell the trash Oreo trash hey okay okay I'm gonna assist another dog okay I know why it's like literally so esthetic to me that I'm like walking hair like this it's so nice out though like I probably you know one do I want to go back inside get my bike and ride around here but I can't take Oriole I don't

know if I can log that because it's I'm gonna have to hold on to the bike come on Rita she is sniffing like the whole entire earth why does it look like it has a filter when I flip it like this home oh yeah come on she hasn't did her waist she's in food yet yeah I did bring a back door oh dear Jesus Christ sister oh yeah she she she cooperated with me don't even think about doing that there audio hey come on Rita I'm gonna work her one more time bye where I was earlier just now like school by that way okay this way yeah why not you know okay it's to give her that way and then come back and with the camera way more sure good just don't look officials I'm breaking G I know thank you very much there's that other some kids playing over there I don't wanna bother them because they looked very big and annoying yeah come on take that say okay I'm crushing the street so static to me okay I'm gonna want that way the end of that and then walk right back this just they're coming here it sounds good

okay idea okay now I'm gonna walk back to my house because the walk is over sis so I'm gonna walk back in my house you know yeah this is like really cute she has I used the bathroom yet but she's in food but that's an old sister there should be much you just got in there today we're gonna watch the Ayana like it's a light book but we couldn't because my cousin mom said she couldn't watch it and that was a sad story so there we had to watch Captain Apple yeah we didn't even enjoy I'd add on if you were to ask me but really what was that like summary of that I don't know okay I'm gonna cost me for this car comes in kills me cut it out rock music I literally have a freakin double chin that is so disgusting so I'm walking back in side so aesthetic enough whoa that side of the door thingy not look aesthetic at all so I'm currently she's waiting inside hello I'm currently outside right now if you guys enjoy me walking my dog for like a whole ten minutes um definitely give this video a big like thank you so much for watching I love you guys and it's time

bye love you guys