24 April 2019

Walking my dog p.5

sorry guys so y'all aren't gonna see the

other part of the video but yeah I'm happy don't walk my dog so actually there was of you do you notice anything else I guess you know supplicate with kinda see blood don't know yeah I'm gonna be streaming live today probably at like 3:45 I through 45 mm-hmm I think 45 please watch make sure you really don't get anybody yeah action I do get people actually but please watch my stream 3:45 yeah day 45 and then that's whenever any that's the time I'll be streaming all right whistles let's see it resto 340 fine he said he said 3:45 what time you wanna 340 340 playing I get to stay for the rest yeah I'll be staying at 3:45 in Yakima so basically after elementary school hours in Texas but yet so y'all can watch that mean there's it's after middle school - except for one of my friends when we're friends gets off that light fourth okay so anything could be mid to the shame though yeah so it's after it's gonna be mattress : okay so almost at my house anyway so just oh don't you see that don't guys like to

go and tell my hope you're you on the video peace out guys those are really stupid I'm sorry guys goodbye