23 April 2019

Walking my dog part 1

Normal day walking my dog.

no we're gonna go outside today right

little bones come on Oh get your little balls Martin baby needs a baby one EP let's go get your little butt over here we're gonna go grab some of these little clay bowls and you play outside with them let's see you has like little chew toy balls so you know we got some over here want to eat it sting what is what stay good good I taught him how to stay come on roll I know I grabbed this flute over here buddy I'm free [Applause] good boy good boy oh oh I know you want come here it's wrong it's ball okay now get hooked up a mile here he comes only shown there you go okay okay we got him on his leash let's go all right we got the ball on my wrist let's go what crappy quality is this Lisa there he's like oh I forgot something Oh organized time to rustle some kind of lasso some grandpa's right lots of some grandpa's garage glasses and grandpa's yeah you eaten the ball he got the ball he's on the roof put the ball scared the package under my foot now hahaha them all hey Abel let me grab the ball I want both this video if you don't let me grab it whoa trying to dig

out the ball ha I got it all right stay smokey yeah when he thought sigh easily go heck no listen here yep crap yes I know where to suffice they're not a little short II can't get don't know QT 5 more babes Navy babes what your smokey Jew are you coming with me or not you get yourself all tangled up you can't go to you a friend can you know you can I know mrs. smokey she's the one over there barking sorry