09 October 2018


swcapp.uk/i/reid796032 Check out this app it pays for walking Next video will be about the give away get a chance to win a $25 amazon,apple,google play ...

hey guys life noob here and today we're

back with another video today we're walking my beautiful precious dog because she's fat and she needs to get a walk and she has the leash stuck in her leg right now cuz she's dumb yeah hey man how's it goin yeah don't don't look at my dog like that really that's creepy thank you uh yeah you can pet her hey what are you doing my god what are you what are you doing my dog give me my dog give me my dog give me my dog what do you do it's my dog give me my dog bro give me my dog no no she's running away Chloe oh uh she's running away guys guys he's running away some crazy guy just tried to do my dog I know Chloe get back get back here Chloe sit Chloe oh yeah no okay guys as you know that was obviously fake let's just get bro was just my brother my dog actually got off the leash and ran away she tried to run away she's so dumb oh wait this dog runs away dog no someone steals a dog yeah that'll be our quick baby oh all right and then wrapping hold on hold on at the end of the end of the video we have to get a thumb now of of you running away with this with Chloe so that everyone thinks it's real all right

is it is it those cost money Oh his dog is crazy here yeah hold enough I'm tired bro oh oh she runs she's fast she runs like the wind bro huh oh yeah whatever that was like we mentioned that was that was fake that was just get no it was all planned out yeah so like my dog wasn't actually stolen my dog is in the good hands of my brother and yeah now we're walking her for the rest of the way so yeah okay guys this is app I'm using right now but like I can't say what it is because like I don't have a sponsor they haven't sponsored me so like cuz I don't have enough subscribers because I haven't sponsored me so I can't say what the app is I feel like that you know yeah and so yeah it having sponsored Devin sponsored me so like wait I have a code I didn't get a code oh I wish I could flip the the camera view was recording can I have a waterfall of your drink thanks bro [Music] yeah but I don't remember what my coat is so this video alright I'll do that alright so my yeah it's just like look in the description for that surprise you know give you hints you can make money

by walking make eight cents every every 10,000 steps I think yeah cuz 1000 steps is one of those s words and you need 10 to get a dollar or yeah tend to get a dollars worth of money so every 10,000 steps you get a dollar basically then you could purchase things on the app like I don't know you could buy like a wallet I'm pretty sure that every wallet and please tell me she's not pooping okay uh-huh SHINee peed on the leash everyone knows that's hers she already peed on but yeah um you guys should give me like ideas for videos I should make a comment down below what videos are there like what type of videos I should make okay and like give me a bunch of video ideas cuz like I don't know what to record I might post another YouTube video today maybe but you know I don't know yet so if I think of something I will but yeah I will I would love to make a youtube video another one today huh this walk is born kind of because that dog is being dumb dumb huh but yeah you're making YouTube videos so fun like if anyone here is watching right now like they're you my subscribers right now right now stop what you're doing

actually no don't stop what you're doing what's the video finish the video finish the video and after you finish the video we want you to go make a YouTube channel and then comment down below the name of your YouTube channel comment down below in this video and I will be your first subscriber or I will try to because that's how you roll bro especially when my man's only got 28 subscribers right now Ramez I'm so cringy but yeah y'all I better I better see I better see a YouTube channel names in the comment all right Chloe come on Chloe sit listen to Caleb and sit sit your bum bum down oh why is her butt wet okay quotes it I think she's too lazy to sit whatever we're almost home oh yeah we're almost home and once we get home I am going to turn this off look at this wait hold on look at this guy look at this guy right now oh it's gonna it's gonna be a long youtube video this is my estimate is that this YouTube video is gonna be 10 minutes long but yeah yeah bro uh but I said I was gonna get 20 of them but I only have like eight um alright yo if you're watching this video I need you

guys like comment down below what you what you want me to give away and if you want to do the giveaway just comment down below I subscribed and follow my Instagram it'll be in the in the description follow my Instagram and say done and then put a couple spaces away and then comment I subscribed and then I will do it I will write all your your names down on like ping-pong balls or something you know get a bucket and I'll shake it all up and then I'll close my put my hand in the bucket now pick someone's name and then okay yeah dig gleam die or whatever it's called I don't know how to use it though but I will find out and then I'll put the the gleam dot IO description link link I'll put the green dot IO link in the description and then we'll have a giveaway but that but I'm trying to talk hold on but I'm not doing that until you guys tell me what I wanted we want to do for a giveaway what should we do should we do like a bit of a beats pill if oh yeah yeah we'll do like Oh what an Amazon gift card no you can choose you can choose a gift card you want you could choose from a yeah bro yeah dog yeah we can choose

you can choose from either a $20 iTunes gift card a $20 Google Play gift card or $20 Amazon gift card but if they don't have 25 $20 gift cards then I'll just do like $25 but like yeah oh yeah or you could get an xbox card at or 20 or $25 Xbox tired or 2020 or or $20 or $25 PlayStation card but yeah it'll most likely be $20 but if you can't get a $20 gift card then it will be a $25 gift card so yeah I will be doing that if you guys comment down below and say I want to give away and then I would make a video about it about the giveaway post that and then you guys can do all the things you need to do to win the giveaway and there will be one lucky winner and yeah all right hold on okay guys and the UM the winner I will say their name in the I'll say their name in like the my video and I'll tell them to send me an email and then I'll tell them my email in the video and and then I will send them whatever one they want that's the winners choice alright peace guys remember to always stay cringy bye