10 October 2018

Walking my dog to the park come talk

hello this

how is everybody today this is a Q&A so ask questions down below and I will respond depending on what the question is please like subscribe and comment hope you are having a good day that's my park that I go to sometimes so haven't been here in a while ow my dog hurt me I'm gonna run my dog she hates me is she coming coming we're about to run okay five four three two okay not running from mommy I'm lazy did you come on I really don't know why I'm live right now I just kind of am hey just relax there's just probably a person oh it's a big dose I'm not gonna mess with that dog it's a big dose two big toes wow that was just Dasia did you run you can't run like this is a perfect place to run with my dog you ready these are you ready this is already run right five four three two let's go in a soccer net score okay I know that was a bad shot like it was worth it you know at least my dog's having fun I'm sure sound tired but she's my dog

can't help but let her have fun with me I don't care really if it's like I want to go on a walk but she doesn't but then when she hears the word walk she's like I want to go or if it's she just wants to go when I really don't want to go I'll just go no it's no big deal for me sorry she's having fun on having fun hashtag inspirational speech [Music] Dasia but you do - I know you a few Snuggie but doctor that's everything look at her ears she looks like a hanger something I'm god I'm dying inside you should come so if you have tick tock go at me I'm tick tock my user name is Queen Bella shucks no caps I just hit 200 fans let's go I have a lot of fans I need more so if any of you that are watching this has tick tock slash musically and go ahead and add me on musically or tick tock and if you make a do it with me I will react to do it with you yeah and in our group we say a lot of shook and queen so yeah group by a me like my count fans I say shook and Queen a lot that means that my fans have to say shook and Queen a lot well they don't have to but like you know you know what

I mean there's a there's just time to squirrel more my dog found a squirrel look at all these acorns can't believe how many these girls like all those air corn a corns I need English class somebody please join my life I'm desperate