18 April 2019

Walking my dog vide (weird stuff goes on)

hey guys just riding my bike canal I'm

walking my dog I'm gonna have bad camera angles dangerous dangerous dangerous dangerous but how are we gonna do this please Joey I can do it there no cars coming what are you talking about you look like it's rush hour that's the one car to car three car four card four cars oh my god you like so overreaction reacting over me one-handed recording on my bike like I'm gonna fall or something I know I might follow okay he said I'm too far ahead and look he's not even a mile away from me do you see him right there he says I'm too far away from him wait a second what No all right guys I'm not gonna get any views well you know I'm talking on a video all right all right II can't believe I'm doing this which way this way okay okay [Music] rating the bike what let me ask you all a simple question what a young little boys think girls have seen in private as their way different boys okay you guys don't know where I'm going so yeah

oh well fit shoes damn pink one dude oh I forgot to say what is up the unicorns I love these unicorns I'm gonna have to go soon oh my god do you guys know something go Albert evening look I'm on his street I really hope Albert blue what do you want like oh my god do you guys see that dog uh don't go boo boy there was like a huge dog in there in the car over there can we go this way I can't wait to go home play some roblox or watch you to larae yeah I subscribed don't think you're watching yeah I've seen grass in my life why is it so blurry I have no clue why I did that I am really really sorry I probably gonna cut that out of the video but anyways yeah so though I'm gonna name this titled the like those in the video that the video that I can I go and walk my dog with y'all Peaks what the hell was that that is creepy as all hell oh my god there's something moving in there do you see that guys I'm not lying I hate oh oh my god it's a cat oh my god Joey

stay back there there's a cat there's a cat over here stay back there it's gone now oh my god oh my god why is it getting so windy I literally just saw a cat you guys saw that with me guys I there's literally no airplane in the sky it's gone it's gone it's gone it was like all different kinds of colors I don't know yeah I don't know knows more than that yeah do I hate that house cuz I was like really scared I know car this is like so creepy Oh God misty let go all the grasses I don't [Music] she probably watched magnitudes everyone she was probably not one viewer okay coming look guys this is like where did the bag go Oh bag there where did it go oh my god it's right there it's right there how did you get up there good boys and girls watching this was a crazy experience the video is not over oh my god I hate walking by this house to these houses I hate going down the street I don't know why I agreed to go down the street but like it's literally

so scary like look so scary look like so scary look at that that caballo come on yeah what is that and that oh my god Joey you have to go yeah you have to go this is like really creepy why is all this paranormal stuff coming on what is that I keep hearing stuff like kebaya come on oh my god [Music] it's like creeping you know playing in a plane and I blame I know it's just like you oh my god who's that he's coming I love you unicorn I love you nothing paranoid stuff is real none of it it's just creepy stuff there's normal stuff see I know like that one our training training guys this crazy stuff it's raining now Luke hey guys love you your coins bite