24 April 2019

Walking My Dog | Vlog

Come along with me today to walk my dog Jessie. She had loads of fun and loves coming to this field every day. Comment any video suggestions and leave a ...

hey guys welcome to the channel see I'm

thinking Jessie's for a walk really sunny it Easter Monday is nobody after he starts as nice and funny both of the calls come in yeah but now it's cooled down now it's warmed up and I think yeah and going across this field where she comes every day and that's what beauty goes up the field and then backs down but today they just wanna cross because I'm gonna go email as her and invite her to come over to the barbecue oh yeah and school film just live it what is here for [Music] hey come on quick [Music] Oh God there's no dog today which is good because yesterday there was a dark and just watch your just register to always I run with the player of dog say it's fine but this is one me to each other alone I need you to listen you know joy and [Music] [Music] No tonight feeling

you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I'm from South town from London - Simon I've been honor trying to protect your soul [Music] I'm walking alone streets empty the only thing Erica sees the home I'm getting stronger step-by-step targa sick [Music] we're at the end of the field for now I would I look hot hippies hey Missy come through he asked and there's like people are letting go down the words and leave a comment if you want us to vlog on down the road with Jesse sorry I can't say if he's concealer always when you come this way and the access I'm sorry you can see my shadow up from the fight in my end but we hadn't have that much [Music] ready to explore right sky I need you to listen oh joy

[Music] [Music] No we were fear now [Music]