17 July 2018

Walking my dog with my bff 💖/ vlog

hi today we are walking my dog you're

gonna have to film it one right one stop as well so we're going to once up to get some garlic bread [Music] I guess I was about to say whose own bike is alive coming down below some videos of Walt like I should get on this channel this is boring he's gonna have a poo any second now any second now any second now anything I'm gonna take him off the leash no I like we're gonna go in that field where's the ball where's the ball no video no cello yeah guys coming every single why are you taking I'm just polish there's Larry Oh baby mice I mean it was Olivia would if you watching this we just saw your minutes if you probably will watch this as well hey once you do what's over here iPhones jacob jacob boss maybe they'll do about a bazillion pues but you know I'll just pick it up now if I do guys if you don't pick up a pair you'll be fine with a 60-pound we're going to fail fast all right I'll just fill me and you can I throw the bottle oh yeah right back hey judge okay the owner and all OH goodbye you drop a difference

yeah goes do it right off drop drop oh yes she never drop a ball how do you actually do it oh I didn't even have two lives in it nice actually cell phone can you quickly get the bags in sir all right job is actually quite a good video drop George jaw drop the crap drop a drop you never drop something oh yeah well say it is it he totally missed it you embarrassed of the girls judge jaw yeah they won this one and then you can try Hey I'll try for a red hi oh Jesus you are so bad finger you're so bad George I'll give him a George I'm just giving him a Grammy boy now a tired now oh yes go over yeah yeah I know huh yeah but like when he's like right now my gosh yeah the judge judge stop George George George George I'll just fry just for you gotta walk it real hard there you go jong-kook look George there you go he hasn't he Xena it's there no George it's free all my god he doesn't even want the gravy boy you are actually the

weirdest dog I've ever seen come down below if you think my dogs kill he's run off the ball let me see if I can do it so high jaw drop hey George ja ja ja ja Judge George drop the ball oh it's unreal tight it's unreal I didn't even know I was it's oh my god you are watching Tomas we think he's blind you know [Applause] no I will tie in Georgia Power charges well sizing the owner knows that Lucy it was arrested she called for anyone yeah can I be done then I know that big guns video this is warden are you saying our good-byes now I know if I give this to judge yeah so walk Oh Oh and I know I'm just going to should we just got back [Music] [Music] the blades wait they found go gas

like Maltese all right any on the bullet [Music] all right - oh we an extrude so thanks for watching make sure to LIKE and subscribe and hit enough cash about if you want to see more videos like this come down below if you thing my dog skill and yes