24 April 2019

Walking my dog (funny)

which a given that's how we live it

don't be mad at the system it's simply how we by the way I'll be posting a video probably tomorrow of like my Easter stuff yeah I know it's delayed but I will be posting it we're taking a walk around the hood with my dogs ruby has some boobies stop stopping to get a bunny or something so go fast like sometimes when you open the door when it's cold out she'll be so cold so running so fast I heard paws will slip from under her feet and she'll just start sliding wait [Applause] [Music] sitting on the ground like just like maybe like four o'clock so two hours to our maybe our I don't know what time is but it was at least two to three hours could have been a lot pee on it my dog probably popped a squat on it earlier taking like the fifty of the trip oh sorry she also took a big crap and Ashley's yard [Music] when I say to my dog let's go see mama she runs so let me pull into my house I'm gonna say let's go start running her exercise for the week cuz she mostly

just sits under my mom's bedding know when you try to play that you're thirsty she'll actually run and get the ball and then she'll just run run under my mom's bed alright once we pass this tree are you ready to start running Jackson yeah alright once we pass the street by the tree [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] and that's gonna be it with today's video make sure you leave a like and subscribe I see in the next one