25 April 2019

Walking Our Cocker Spaniel Dog!

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hi guys welcome to another week today

we're doing some walking our dogs yo and use my other dog so we're gonna walk a little bit guys do not do this at home because it might be dangerous from cars if you're watching this video do this or like these 4 dead trees lots of girls like to go in dead trees on the line we had a little burning fire pillow there so you're probably how they wear your cows if you seen them a little bit you saw one of our videos outside they're actually gone because they're doing something but they're uh they're making babies yeah that's why they they can't like that can't be here and make their own babies they have to go to our action like yeah the one I know a friend here it's out here as I down there that trash penny I mean keep my friend and she gets Jeff saw before I get dropped off I mean it Starbucks not touch his daughter so I'm glad she's my mom always says do not talk to strangers you just my friend but we don't really know her mom I just oh I get car wrecks probably not yeah okay this video cuz we're just going alright yeah now we're doing a video [Music]

why do what are you guys like right Robert when they're free [Music] and play and we jump this [Music] we do this hug thank you one fell out so you look like your mother right yeah anything dad my mom looks like me oh the thing is like she's sick so like you can know when my birthday matter what grade I am cuz I'm in sixth grade it's like when she's seven I will be a seventh grade but how it's almost gonna graduate school I'll be so not that high you gonna go to school Ben so when is your birthday September and yours same day she's picking one September and June oh we missed you we forgot all the birthday just wait a whole year well we didn't actually me so we give her picking year he loves the pink pig ears I saw those at a market the other day and I said now who we'd sense stuff I've never eaten a pig ear hey y'all get out of the way there comes a car now as embarrassing for you I'm sorry so we're gonna keep going on our ground I'll go over there yes bias it's my mom I'm married my dad Greg and you already have a house why is pump

here so guys um we're probably gonna get back or get anything or get back [Music] you need to I was I hope you guys liked it juicy thumbs up that's one niggas and um hope you liked the video you see thumbs up and scribe down below if you want me to game were twenty Keith a hundred hundred K what is the K me like on the thousand wanna K it down hope you guys okay hope you guys like this video gave my gosh love ya