09 October 2018

Walking Our Dog By Our Self

hi guys it's Sophie and we're working I

dog Coco Coco with my sister my sister's struggling to walk our dog because he's so excited he's just a little puppy oh yeah I forgot take a tree we brought him treats because he might escape from his harness and then we're gonna go yeah we're gonna walk him I set a timer for five minutes so yeah we're walking and if you can't and I'm like yelling at the top of my voice because um because it's so loud and there's all these cars coming by Amy just run Amy run Amy you can run run with him my sisters having a lot of trouble walking him he's really naughty happy as sweet as you think he is run with him run we're fine and this goes up we stop okay so I set a timer for five minutes so we got to come back one five minutes is over so basically our walk is gonna be ten minutes yeah basically it denies this is oh sorry I can't show you I'm so sorry just let you know our mom is not here we're walking for five minutes again sorry if you go up here you can see the color

[Music] yeah it says go pufferty okay they're mine he might not listen hey come on he likes to be the leader of the pack and I'm still screaming so Amy you think we should walk back now so um yeah well walking our dogs very because she doesn't want him to get in the puddle I'm sorry if there's a glare because it's like really sunny out right now sunny yeah so so I think we're gonna head back right now yeah Amy so good night back right now so let's turn the millionaire place that we're walking by and in our home is right up over here that was very fun you guys and remember my name is Sophie and this is Amy oh hey and as Coco and that's Coco very nice food to get more videos about Coco soon bye