13 August 2019

Walking our dog out😋


hey guys welcome back to our Channel I'm Nicole and this is Leslie so today we'll be walking her dog by a tear she makes you walk through a little chihuahua ah someone's coming I'm scared guys we're just gonna be down the block like oh we oh I had it with our cat she's in there this is she's in a random house but I don't know why yeah so that's our house right there you want a vlog and we're just walking the dog like normal people be yeah there's nothing to say much but the rats in this house sorry but the noise oh yeah I work on an air attack is fun Wingo's that's a little creepy okay so like there's a house I go into like why did you following us I'm sorry back up son guys I like it you could I see her walking like normal leave and my my dog is in the start and boy you know oh my god you guys saw that we got that and camera by the way I hate the Sun this is a house but we're not supposed to go dear but it's mine okay so we're ready going back to our house look she's just sitting there if you can see guys well that's a little weird right roughly it's not weird it's like I

know and it's a good good good good yeah good oh it's just so cool if you guys follow us at my account is in hi-c Nicole and the years one surah 9 and hers is after that but what's a yeah yeah that's aren't Amanda have another one another account another account that is like I say get mine is Nicole and then something like that and dad go underscores yeah underscore and and to two Z's oh and then underscore eight cuz I'm a I love a struggle so much on that way but yeah we're just been walking her dog like it's normal people add one uh blog now sabe work hi Gotti so um carrying the dog it's a disease walking the dog are you going I told you guys I sure was in the back pretty hard yeah oh yeah if you follow my stab at it Nicole Diaz 1:09 I got like three pounds instantly after snapchat or Facebook to echo the others and hers is Leslie and it's awesome I mean I just did that tree fight but it's that nice side of the house though and guys by Omaha so this person right here the house right there it's like me to our cotton in my dog for

a reason right for no reason yeah like I don't know why they're mean you guys to this region and dnm us yeah so guys the enamels app is the ground or somewhere else [Music] oh yeah and we're gonna be making submerge if we get famous right if we get famous if we got famous we might get go get some merch right go write me might get some merch and for our famous and we get some use to you guys will love the Merc is so beautiful [Music]