13 August 2019

Walking our dog/first vlog💗 /read description

So u guys probably came her bc of the title well guys my editor broke for a week so that's why I skipped last friday. I do not know if I will still be posting this ...

hey guys welcome oh my god that dog is

always ruining our videos but so today I am just blogging because my dogs well the dog of our babysitting is going back home today so I was like why not longer why not pick up some poop on camera huh friend where I did what my hair was I just like slicked it down even though it was in a braid I didn't really put it in a nice link because I'm gonna wash my hair like wet it after so like why what'd I do my hair nice heavys is gonna get messed up again and we're just walking outside to go walk the dog so I mean what's the big point and then I just put some lotion on my skin because like I'm super ashy but I shouldn't have did that because now the bugs are smelling my lotion they're biting me guys my lips are super glossy so I'll see you guys in the next clip when Hanna does something okay tell me if y'all like this recording way better or dis recording way better I will nose up with these dogs in these guys pull right and she pulled she she pulled for the dumbest reasons because she pulled for like like eating grass herself like my dog's taking a poop I mean I'm just walking and Hannah over here is still trying to drag my mom and

yeah yeah I'm nightmare lie here dragging me a couple of times and I got like where does that call like that what am i hands on right like what was it called rug ropeburn yeah I got rope burns because the first time like this I was holding her because I wanted to show Mom that I could hold her but something like that I forgot what the reason was so I was holding her and then his dogs decided to just run out the door and drag me like I'm supposed to be nice like I'm always nice right right mom and then I can't believe this so you know how dogs like I don't know if dogs are like this but you know how most dogs I've seen more than like adults not kids like like dogs [Music] right I called him like who 20 minutes straight and then you will not believe what happened my mom calls right up and runs to her and then my mom's like you call Hannah Hannah Hannah looks at me but then sit down and put them on black I'm just like oh yeah guys if you guys have a dog comment down below if you guys have a cat like and you can guys love dogs and cats comment and like right yeah sorry about the interrupting

somebody's like grass so guys a house up here that this tiny little dog always wants out and just like Bart I'm gonna cover that up but always are the barking and on this side wait let me take my thumbnail Oh so yeah like I was saying there's a little tiny dog thinking that she or he is the biggest dog in the world barking at every single thing he sees or she here she thinks she's crazy bro this is the house but I'm not gonna sit in her house of course because I'll leave this hit me in the face but my mom is all the way back there cuz she's a slowpoke wait with Hannah without lighting go up you know thumbnail and then I'm going to take a picture of Hannah and just put it right with time because she's ignoring me and yeah or should I just do this yeah that's not gonna work accidentally pause the video and then she started moving again guys this lighting a super good lighting remember if you guys want to get golden pictures take pictures at 7:07 p.m. and y'all gonna be alright now we're heading

to my house now because we just like what we do when we walk her we don't walk her all around the block like so there's a back part of our house right so you walk her up there and it's like it's maybe way to square up I think 12 walk up there and walk out there and walk behind and walk her out here poop and well I was like walking right so it was like the first day we ever walked her because we babysit her so I I decided to be nice and pick up her poop so my Michael Walker so I picked up her poop and the bag was hey the bag was ripped and you're our guest I have poop on my hands poop poop disgusting I got it look I tears of my eyes oh there's a car coming try to hit me but ya guys look a little creepy right now okay like why not dog her last video with us because she will not be coming back anytime soon I'm pretty sure she's one of our family ladies but still he was a college so we I'm gonna do a quick blow 360 for you now we're at the house so if you guys like my vlogs make sure to eat live a big thumbs up and please tell their dog to be quiet and stop barking

and yeah be sure to subscribe like and comment down below your favorite part of having a dog or a cat peace