04 December 2018

Walking the dog

good morning everybody today is Sunday

December 2nd is not a very nice day outside right now currently walking the dog but it could be worse we could have had a really bad storm oh yeah this could be the last video I'm going to upload right now for a while and if I do upload something that's probably not going to be all that much come on yeah let's go Mia has to stop and sniff every inch of the snow bank so the forecast today is calling for some some wet snow today hopefully it won't come until I head back to the apartment but today is my last day here in the neighborhood at least until Christmas it has been a fun two days spending with the dog here so this morning when I got up I got up just before 8 o'clock this morning and she mia here was sleeping in front of the stairs as usual normally I'd sleep in the master bedroom with Mia so that she's not alone in the same room because she doesn't like being left alone for a period of time but unfortunately I cannot do that because Christmas is near and usually when that happens it just basically means I can't really go into a certain room until after Christmas anyway but it's a beautiful morning out

right now I mean the weather's not too too bad obviously over there the sun's trying to come out I want to take a moment to reflect on some of the things that had happened a couple days ago smell a good a mia and one of them was how much fun I actually had the last few days I took the dog out for a walk yesterday and decided to go down that way way down there obviously Mia's leg is bothering her a little bit so I've decided today we're gonna go take a much shorter walk so I might not be on camera here that much but yesterday was fun got to take the dog for a walk and although it wasn't very sunny out at least it was nice and warm took an adventure around the yard at my parents place did one live stream Friday night not certain if I did another live or not certain if I said I was gonna do another one it doesn't look like that's gonna happen now because I'm gonna be heading back to the apartment there's not much going on over there having fun that should goodness gracious ha ha ha I hate the street sometimes especially this time of year when you're dealing with ice and snow all at one

sitting looks like somebody slipped there but they didn't fall so that's good yeah goodness how far have we come so last night I didn't film this but I fix the roots in my hair because the roots were showing and I'd say sometime before that like I said I took the dog for a walk after I took the dog for a walk decided to do a Mentos and Coke challenge video didn't go as planned actually even though it did a really good job and squirting out all the fizz and whatnot it wasn't as good as I hadn't intended to I would say it was right up there at the see but because it was angled a certain way which may explain why it didn't go as planned originally I hope to at some point in the future do another mentos and coke challenge video but it may not happen for a while due to the fact that due to the fact that I've got way too much going on that's cool to go to five days a week got to focus on my studies as a result I may not be on for a while but hopefully I'll be on a little bit more once I'm done with the academic year but who knows there's always gonna be something out there if you guys are

wondering why I'm losing subscribers I want to change topics here YouTube since I'd say as far back as two months ago decided to do a sub purge people are losing subscribers on their channel and it isn't just me it's many other youtubers like that and it's not so much me losing subs you know people who do come and go you know you can always regain new subs in the future should you become active on YouTube and support other channels like gas nation and Jenny the Baker and all in people but like I said been really busy haven't been on YouTube all that much haven't had time to upload anything if anything at all just going on with the rest of the day as usual and focusing on school like I said so you may not see me on YouTube all that much and I to apologize to you guys for that it's just been a very busy Connors he needs he mechanical tractor just a lot of busy stuff going on today but anyway like I said this could be potentially my last video for a while I'm gonna probably end up on hiatus at least until I can find the time I might be doing a Christmas video at some point by the end of this month but you never know with me and you may see more of

this lovely little creature now I did a video yesterday heard this morning which is uploaded on to my channel check it out if you wish to do so my cat patches this morning was drinking out of the sink again but this time her head got drenched in water it's so funny don't know if I'll do another video on her anytime soon and the reason for that is I would check out my live stream that I did on Friday it's pretty much gonna tell you pretty much everything you need to know she is 22 years old and isn't doing very well her health has been declining so I don't know well if the video almost slipped on some ice we don't know if the video if there will be any more videos of her after today so we shall see if anything happens I'll maybe do a memorial video on her just like I did with Kali 10 years ago but anyway that's gonna be it for for me on this end hope you guys have had a great weekend I certainly did I had a good time today and hopefully I'll catch you guys hopefully by Christmas and the sun's trying to come out sweet anyway this is patches this channel signing off I will hopefully hear from you guys and see you guys next time

like I said have wonderful weekend and yeah that's it peace