10 September 2019

Walking the Dog

Dog walk at Heathland Beach kessingland lowestoft UK.

doesn't seem to be bothered with us

there [Music] well it's about eight o'clock in the evening and we're just off to empty the dock we thought we take a little walk from the caravan site down to the beach this is the exit from the Thorin site we'll turn here about 50 yards and then we'll go through defense and come back on ourselves Isis just fire the instance barrier and another sign to the beach into the woods and it's just a straight walk this is basically a dog walk I know it's not a part of the tango gunshot Vicky Sloan this is their port and this will take us down to the beach well we're walking towards the beaks now we're probably about a hundred meters away maybe 200 meters away and this is one of Lauren's favorite sights I think isn't it because we have been coming here every year for about the last six years sometimes more than once but the site has everything it's reasonably priced it has a swimming board it has a bar and fab room as a shop there's a supermarket just down the road sit next round of that down it's not this and over there now there's a Morrison G but break see what McDonald's 10 minutes

from most off less than half an hour's drive from Great Yarmouth and five minute walk to the beach I guess I'm these will hold south is free swimming pools there's a paddling pool for topless there's a normal swimming pool then there's a number pool which has a flume going into it which the kids seem to like the plumes operate it twice a day about two hours in the morning two hours in the afternoon I think the pool is open from about nine o'clock at no more than I think about four it's at about five or six green in the evening there is a life guard on duty now this is the first year they've had one how did here there is an instant in the area not on this site so well here we are we're at the beach well so the beach were on a cliff top apparently is about a hundred steps down to the beach which I won't be doing today but I would certainly come around and see for yourself [Music] just in the field it looks like it's a deer people leave the deal alone now