07 October 2019

Walking the dog

hey guys it's a new video and a real

video for don't get stuck for so like I said my dad well like is described and oh my god like it was subscribe and even caught it when I should make next and this is where my dad trained dogs well that's it balance is Auggie is he at the bulldog let's watch each other cricket on a [Music] [Music] foggy just my dad he chased dogs no school most will be like hey I'm gonna take off for a walk a doggy [Music] why laughter Oh after first time I'm showing you this because um I don't edit because I'm of them so but tag doing videos from YouTube I'm lazy and this video is gonna be a mix of walking a dog walking it off for a little bit and then play some Xbox is like a pitch I might be playing on my plate alright so my friends door - mocking or is video my end okay sorry I'm Bob's gone side right now okay go buddy Oh got dog to do stuff okay dr. Joe I got only two dogs no cats no fish

so only dogs okay nobody pigs dot own dogs you have a dog visit HD canine calm obedience obedience like hummus it feel lay down the text seems like bite work to mind of texture all you are here boarding training the training and boarding is just here to be here right - because or on vacation or doing something over [Music] all right okay okay do one of you eyes I gotta do one of you sticking your tongue on ps-aguié if she has her Patrick shoes have a spongebob well you gonna put the dog away Audrey see see see see how old are you after solving about how old are you CeCe um when's your birthday will grade are you in so the first year of no school yes honey fresh melted years middle school going first year how's it going yeah what's your favorite color purple um what's your favorite thing to do what's your favorite thing to do but these what's your favorite food you like steamed dumpling inner pot stickers what's your favorite flavor of ramen noodles big do you like spicy food or

sour sweet deal with likes sweet and salty you like sweet and salty yeah what's your favorite TV show what's your favorite movie your favorite movie what's your favorite movie I don't know you don't know look in a microwave for CC say bye bye the game work last time hopefully it works again oh yeah well but I need to fight speaker she's my mommy I'm she's crazy um that's why you guys said something I need cuts to hold up my phone why I'm washable I game