03 November 2019

Walking the dog lulu walking through rivers and puddels

hey guys welcome back to another video

it's a quick video I'm just gonna pop across this I'm gonna walk with Lulu over there you got some by now twice [Music] tell em how are you going to do it using the logs [Music] Lulu is following you look well done I want you got wet for you know Anya wait and I always face well done keep on exploring till we get home why wifey is soaking wet so did Lulu get stuck in well the I reply hey-hey but it so just opossum and bikers I guess smells good so didn't really get a spoon in the eye twice by a note yes she's being stung in the earth today yeah is this I it is - I was all read this side on her right eyes compared footwear for the vid what compare Footwear which one's better dad's on line going down below I know what I dropped it we're gonna walk like today in here before I come on Doh look a river down

there you're gonna go to it now if there's some rough we'll do parkour on it and the breach and I was here a few weeks ago and I took a picture of lots of moving some of it really look how far that rivers goes try it starting from over there one Jesus cried that looks deep that looks the absolute oh stop stop it look at that doom for bikes they're definitely survivable what come on Lou Lou why do we have to climb over look at this jump they can literally see the bike not cycles come on Lou my son is itching guys I have to climb not literally [Music] peacefully a house would probably bridge maybe oh the Stone Age guys you know the Stone Age what we learned in the last year near for it might be this oh why me it might be it's just a bridge it's not well I think is under Stone Age and when I start doing challenges on this YouTube account no no all my over videos so clear like a cube or they're on the next video problem thanks what what tellings video what you want me to do next we're

gonna do and spin the wheel challenge and pop it videos and if plugins and publish Ananta go for night and all day oh yeah and then pics so your comment down below which one you want like a comes into molds videos like so I can cope with moves but it does actually some cool challenges they spin the wheel challenge look you doing it instant wing and a right look at the bridge oh yeah see if she'll sit like that again yeah come on come on sit down sit sit sit sit sit down stay stay go go stay [Music] their eyes every said to me yeah yeah well she's just wearing a coat come on Bo I have to do it I just have to do I just have to these will need a good wash when they get home Oh God ow that is wet my you're doing wearing thick socks and I bought this fortnight top yesterday this one so a boy one testicle I'll pick come on my butt is on like the scent so you hold the tumbler and you're gonna say bye guys