23 April 2019

Walking the dog or Walking you

Let's face it many are nuts and not many realizes it.

sexy cool Alan not cool cooler so go for

it it's always one afternoon the old sit back and he's playing nothing though you don't have to worry about Lyme disease I don't think that spreads down this far it was only open or thing we had a common occurrence but I think like some people say I believe that Plum Island at least it making a poop wonderful I hear something it's been about a month since I bought anything from Amazon yeah then one month before that I thought it was another month but I bought some punches on there Mayhew brass punches and people had it for cheap but have everything we possibly could mean besides a cargo van rollback wrecker or a warehouse maybe a bus someone had a good idea I said get an old school bus hanging a blue and put Bolingbroke on the side like in GTA 5 like the prison bus and you're pretty damn funny I do it like prison bus school bus converting to RV I'll make it look like a prison bus like the blue that would be funny but like um like all the windows and put like that the cage on it and they call that I forget like the wire mesh yeah but yeah spending addiction sometimes it's all people live for just buying something we buy something they think they're doing

something I don't know that video I posted my god accomplishments accomplishments like me acquiring some impact sockets that could be an accomplishment for someone but it really isn't I'm it's really not an accomplishment some people think that it is a shopping addiction it's real everyone has it so much stuff you do not just need people I go nuts for it anyway have to have it to have to have it they have to have it it's like these condos people have to live here all the places they want to live here have to have this condo that's it's insane if the way your options really don't need it so yeah it's crazy what I'm proud I'm being the pat on the back guy it's been 1 month no bays though it's an eBay's cut back to I got two more things coming I made an offer on some more temp sensors I got to give my friend says he's gonna buy buy one or something we're gonna make a deal yeah I send it so I don't get to think that the neighbor stole for me good day the temp sensors and then I say oh hi how you doing when they're walking the dog like nothing else nothing happens nice people

people are used to help back in a day - so you don't help anyone you don't know who you're really helping there's a good video with that guy blue road sold his car - okay edie been Wicky they had a video today about the kid when he gets used to work with triple a ship the he used to have to deal with I'm gonna get fired from what I guess or something well it's all company policy yeah but they're gonna be saying or something like that I just want the cream thought something was related to what I was saying with that and how things are vegan beings I always thought about roadside service calling all those cars I picked up that were screwed up trade and I said it should never happen in the first place it shows you that the mental well-being of society the way things just go down the tubes you shouldn't even happen in the first place if you need someone's help you should have force before seen it and thought about it before the problem exists is that LX Crown Vic yeah that's been here for a while oh so that was like the Impala SS Crown Vic they

blacked out everything like the sport model I think I might have had a red have a for shifter I'm not sure one thing I had a fourth shifter like an erotic on me those couple years it's kind of rare there's a four but the dude came today with the for the 306 4 on it an excursion now we're gonna have to let her force your finger stalking gays bumper covers torn on the back nipping feet up missing center caps everything looks good from afar until you get close yeah doesn't it 450 yep yep for sister in the weird car looks like an unmarked one Oh pickle dent in the door while I'm doing that thing that's why you don't buy a Florida car for every one thing that's something anything good cars absolutely not it was stood the highest climate hottest climate humid climate you take on water and if I've been to a flood and someone driving today and vain lost your mind because they were old custom engine starts when you're about 40 in this world progressively gets worse and going every myths that they went nuts holy look at this they must have a water leak over there probably from the

storm yeah - all these roosting in a week it's a sinking ship and you're on it like the old car back there what'd you think of this what'd you think it's good because sometimes that's your only option because everyone's addicted to something and always looking are they so miserable they're always looking for something else that's what it comes down to and if your shopping addictions and other addictions people are so miserable for something else so I think I hooked on it and never go back they can't live without something when you should really learn to live without stuff all right another crappy cell phone video ten years is almost up on this day in place I don't know what to do pull myself a living it'll live here maybe I want