23 April 2019

Walking the Dog- THL Paper Summary

My presentation for my Theology and the Environment class about the journal entries I made about a place I liked.

hello this is Sadie Fletcher from

theology and team G sorry it's my dog Huck okay yes good boy and I'm talking about my paper which I have titled walking the dog and the three points that I've connected it to our coursework and they might as well show you where I was oh I hope I don't mess up my paper because I have it on tablet mode so it's always fun sorry it's I have to be quiet a little bit just so that I can show you our backyard and where our tree used to be oh now you want to come outside come on we're planting roses right eventually are they in frame yes they are awesome and those are the wind chimes that I talked about in my paper but that's the place where I state walked and played with my dog are you coming in are you just gonna stand out on the porch like a weirdo no okay sorry I've got like the three next thing going on but um yeah so I've connected it with our the two movies that we watched the climate refugees and carbonation as well as a couple of other things from our reading but mainly from the chapter we did on Genesis which I found was really interesting because beforehand I thought it was about people

just taking what they wanted when in fact it is apparently about us giving back to nature and all of that which I honestly think is a much cooler thing even though I'm not religious it's cool to see and it's neat that we can actually connect nature with theology and whatever beliefs you have because most people can take it from anything but I also have to talk about carbon nation and climate refugees as most of my class knows we had a flood here in Nebraska where we couldn't really go anywhere and people were getting flied flown like nurses and doctors and stuff we're getting flown to our hospitals or out into Omaha and it puts it in perspective more personally when we were dealing with and watching those move that movie and documentary on rising sea levels and how that affects the weather and how that affects what food we get so with Nebraska we would be getting less beef because most of our livestock is either drowned and gone or they're on their own little islands with us not being able to get to them at the time but also with Carbon nation we were working on my car and it connected with it brought me to mine brought to mind to

me how much fuel we use and I just refilled my car and I refilled it last week but since the roads are only sort of open part of them are being parts of them are being repaired I kind of puts it into perspective which how high the price of gas is and how much more affordable other options might be and how much more economically friendly they might be like with the biofuels or using solar power for our lecture and we have wind farms and my family a majority of my family works over at Velma where they do build parts for the wind turbines and for irrigation systems so I don't know it just brings to mind a lot of things that I have some knowledge on but I think I need to explore more of that I think I'm almost time but you guys have a lovely day and I'll talk to you guys later in class bye