26 July 2018

Walking the dogs

we're live look at these this is

somewhat a good stuff yeah yeah good stuff oh yeah okay after this I'm gonna walk that dog Bartek turns oh my god sausage and eggs my mom made it [Music] [Music] [Music] Michael like this and cold well you and puffy yes she's our new puppy yeah hey one piece of it [Music] now you have two on the wire come on man what's up even funny [Music] right even though I did the blog duck pepper come on Pippi got pig-dog welcome she's a Buddha here alright why does our [Music] economy needs right now you that's Roxy okay okay blow me young enough Oh y'all get out there anything like have rails on no I think it's called a medal yes you know you're not eat my eggs I'm on thank you for the eggs and good yeah very

Oh oh do you love me Oh bro wait okay [Music] yeah this is much as I can fix you up puppy 3 dog oh do you wanna see Marley the first dog you don't get to eat it hi mommy my phone died yes I'm sorry and [Music] look this slide that chewed up still work the wrong way it works too that means it [Music] [Music] gone line take the free career evaluation today and by computer we're gonna see you next to a new career in the IT industry and today sausage gravy [Applause] [Music] what yeah racy [Music] no Roxy Bing are like this