11 September 2019

Walking To Work With Wolfie And Meeting Candy The Dog

In Todays Vlog I Decided to show you how it is getting to work and I finally show you my new addition to the family the original plan I explain in this video but ...


you know son it's Wolfie yeah today's vlog I'll be wall go into work so I'll vlog it so obviously I'm gonna get boss now and then I'll be start walking up to my workplace I walk there to blog near the place because I don't want people to go where I worked but it should be a good vlog panda so yeah I'm going for the bus now and I'll check back with you when I'm on the bus or bus stop or even walking up to my workplace so I said yeah [Music] well just ask the bus now yeah laughter no normally they've just walk up to the workplace yeah I'll check back with your women me about well I have to work fast because that fast oh oh [Music] but yeah on the last video why did we to drats who needs water I did enjoy it just as I said a parachurch are poor yeah a partier when I didn't hear back yeah like I was saying I don't already to talk head not

that bring me down I'm definitely going to lead today but we are planning to door to yacht mm yeah got a lot of time spare so I am near my work now so I'm gonna walk a little bit slower so I don't get there all right 15 minutes earlier but yeah I do enjoy my job well I work and yeah I know it's something different and it's not like going to like places I the canal and stuff like that but at least it's like a block and the person Finch were part of our night off or something like that I said when I'm undoing a magnet fishing today I'll probably be I don't know under after have a word with a red wolf about it but you probably soon I've got a lot of things planned so I need to fit that in somehow but yeah I'll definitely do magnet fishing again but I don't know when but across this rod but I said I'll be Doran to York with two traps and love and hopefully so yeah so I'll get back to you [Music] it's like 15 minutes to the into the purse or walk a little bit faster now yeah I've got a lot of plans

I'll get your dared honor I won't be able to film in the workplace but after Pete your dad's tell you what happened yeah to be honest it's really usually on lighter Sunday I do walk to work and walk back it is nice especially when it's like this it's raining then but it's quiet and it gives you time to think about stuff but yeah so I'll check back with you three hours later do you move water wardrobe coins well finish my work now sorry that I couldn't go outside if I needed to get to the place or get to work because I was going to 13 I mean 29 minutes too so I have to rush yeah it was okay did one thing and I've got put on this other thing the first one was like kicking or stacking you build boxes and you put the stun items and stuff like that this one you have to like shut the shoes so I just do the right size or if it's okay plus we have this come out I've made a new friend for Pete I will start it's room for a little bit but yeah possibly three o'clock boss store I don't think I'll make it now but now and Nonaka died not in that book because I did go a bit

about ten o'clock yesterday I am tired a bit well he had run i'd also [Music] [Applause] don't shop for my mom oh she meet in there I'm not joking honey but one side of the box my dog hold it was excited to see me what do you call it she'll find them well this is kinda hummed a new dog couple weeks ago oh she's a beautiful dog yes today I know it was a bit different maybe the lobby's kind of barn but you know what our vlogging on the way to work something to do really but yeah it was funny when Adolphe the boss and happened original plan balls I was in a film while Dan off the boss nervously my mom aunt and a would be there to meet me but obviously there must have been another dog and there were too many people so obviously she waited over there but yeah doctors maybe their home last airs tomorrow I'm not gonna blob that but yeah so if you liked this vlog from me a big fat lie subscribe if you have new off you already oven comment below tell me what you fall about this blog press

notification ballad join the wolf done and YouTube is brought so you might not even see my videos so if you pressed up about your Gavin T to see my videos obviously the magnificient after taught to read wolf about that my snapchat is that order my facebook incident will be an instant description and to next time I will see you later so wolf is out and I'll seen in this video [Music]