10 September 2019

Walking with My girl Penelope!!(that's my dog:)

Just wanted to share my walks with you. And I keep forgetting to ask you all to like, comment, and subscribe if you so choose to. Love to have you!

hi okay it's time for the next vlog

video whatever you want to call this thing and like I said my last one I take my dog on walks a lot so I thought that'd be fun next video yeah so here's my dog nope I just took a picture myself oh here maybe fine click on it No okay I suck at this here we go I'll just turn it around then [Music] hopefully you can see you know be an OB hey no be anyway she is half Old English bulldog half pitbull was cool cool dog here she is hey happy healthy anyway she's only well I guess she is five but she's so sometimes like a puppy she just always interested curious about everything basically oh and here's my that's my sister's dog that's Payton and he's obviously a super nerd sorry I'm not hard to walk fast and talk so fine breathing hard here in a second that's because we're starting to walk fast again okay anyway basically you see I am um this is where I grew up this isn't where I live right now but kind of a long story my not really I was starting a job near like ten minutes away from

where I grew up and they wanted me to start like that night so I and I and it was not well graveyards because that's what I work and so and I lived at the time like an hour and a half away maybe a little bit more like an hour and 45 minutes so I moved back with my dad like so I could be there that night and it was just supposed to be for a short time while I you know got the hang of my job and then found a place to live well that turned into three years so I mean it was really good it I was able to pay off a lot of debt and I was really good for Penelope because before we were living in apartment and I took her to the dog park record dog park regularly but you know it was it's not the same as I mean look at this not quite the same as living out in the country and you know being able to go outside whenever she wanted to basically and she had a buddy I'm Payton Payton is pretty cool there's a big he's a big teddy bear anyway and so yeah so we stayed there for and then I was supposed to build a house but and so then she'd have a backyard but that all fell through do you know when you're like planning on something

oh you don't I just notice I'm so sorry I've been looking at myself this entire time that must be so annoying I'm so sorry I will look at you from now on okay so you know how when you you you have a plan and you want it to work out if that's the case or you have certain ideas of how your life is gonna start heading or in other words I just needed to get on my desk I mean I love I love that he helped me out that I was able to you know like I said I was able to pay off some debt and save some money and stuff but I just needed to get out because I don't know it was it was basically time but I could not take my dog I couldn't take Penelope to an apartment where she would have to you know either stay on a leash outside which that probably wouldn't go over well we're in my apartment all by herself definitely at night when I was gone so plus if I was gonna get a place for us both where we had a big backyard it would have taken all my money just just to like get that and have us live there rather than I still want to build my house so I still need to save the money so I decided to I asked my dad and my sister

it's okay she stayed there until I was able to get my house bill and I was able to have the backyard and stuff for and then of course once I do that and get her her her another dog that she can have the buddy cuz he won't be there hey puppy hey say hi say hi girl see ya let's go anyway she is so much fun so yeah so now I just come down here pretty regularly and Walker at first I wasn't just because my depression was really bad and it was hard for me to to get out and to do stuff but now with me feeling so good it's it's so much easier and I love doing it like I love doing it so nice to to just take her and she's so she gets so excited it's so cute so I pull in and if she's outside she comes running over to my door then of course she'll start jumping and running around and all I have to do is say let's go get Payton and she'll run to the front door and we'll go grab Payton so awesome Penelope Hey come on this way we had already been walking for a while before I started filming so that wasn't just the shortest walk you've ever seen but anyway and then Payton which I was

surprised that he loves them almost as much as she does so yeah so it's lots of fun and I think it's really helping me she's helped me a lot cuz when I got when I got her cuz like I said that was five years ago my depression was pretty bad and she got me out of the house cuz I took her to the dog park like twice a day and so she really has just helped me I know I know I mean I know I've had times where there's nothing I felt like I could do or or it's been rough but she's helped me so much and she's helping me now again it's cuz I know I have to come down help my dad because he's having some health problems and so I I that's another reason why I come down here and so anyway it just all works out good to get me out of the house and into the sunshine and not that it's really that sunshiny today but it's still beautiful I mean look at that I just think it's gorgeous but I mean I've I've been a lot of places I've lived a few places but I always come back to this place because I think it's it's unbelievably gorgeous I lived and I lived in Scotland for six

months and I always joke that if I could bring Scotland over to America I'd live in Scotland but that's not an option how this I'll stick with right here cuz I only live fifteen or no 20 minutes away so it's not bad and I'm still in the same Valley so I love it but anyway I think I'll probably do it for today we're probably well we were gonna go up we normally we don't normally don't go down this road this is a side road through a field that our neighbours own but I was head we were headed down the normal Road and we ran into my neighbor and she heard her dogs ran into a skunk and it got worse as you go down the road so we turned around and we left that road pretty quickly so anyway so it's been a good walk but um I will just talk to you later I guess and it's been fun talking to you know P say good bye hey can you say hey can you say good bye can you say good bye huh and here's Peyton Peyton yeah okay I know they can't obviously say goodbye and just be an idiot okay I hope you're having a great day and he continued to have a good one and I will talk to you soon okay bye