03 November 2019

Walking Your Dog and Avoiding Toxins

We do not realize how many toxins our pets can pick up on their morning walk. Jody Colegrove discusses the best way to help your pet stay healthy.


hi this is Jodi King Colegrove with autumn techniques we have developed a proven technique to quickly determine the root cause of your health issue using a form of energy medicine so today I were wanted to work and talk to you about pets and my dog starved here and we love going on walks in the morning though we have found that there's a lot of times walks can really impact dogs in a negative way with toxins so my old dog and right when she was a puppy we would walk at a golf course and there are several things that can get contaminants on a golf course so the first one is they water the golf course with water that has bromide in it and bromide affects their thyroid so what happens is that they my last dog had to have some kind of thyroid medicine because her thyroid was low you know now I know more about that and so I don't walk around golf courses but there's also a lot of pesticides and fertilizers that are on golf courses that can impact pets too the other thing is this she when we first started doing this she would get a lot of eat a lot of feces on the golf course I lived in the area they had lots of elk and deer and so she

would eat those things and get really sick we've moved to another area where they had a lot of geese and that she got two different kind of pesticides one was a ringworm and the other one was Giardia from eating the feces but just because you're in neighborhood doesn't mean it's safe that much safe either we don't know what people are putting on their lawns fertilizers pesticides roundup there's also feces you know out there too usually cat feces that she's kicked it into there's also old trash old food that's around that they get off of the street and pick up there could be some mold on the ground and also in the bushes if they get into that I've noticed that even on the street they pick up a lot of heavy metals and also petrochemicals from the cars and things like that they can impact them so what do we do well we have a product that one of our practitioners sells that does farm techniques and it's a literally a cleaner but it can use for cars it can be used for concrete it can be used for boats but I have found that this is the one of the best products that help her and clean her up so I actually clean her

paws with this not only does it help clean up all the things I just mentioned but it also helps minimize mold and so this have an all-purpose protectant and you can get it off the website which is BTS products calm and so I do highly recommend this as a cleaner so I just put give a damp cloth spray it wash all of her feet I also wash her belly in case it's been a lot of water that she's gotten into or the grass was wet I'll find that it will the residue will keep on that area so I'll clean that too so what can you do to help protect your pets from these kind of things well I found learning how to muscle test is invaluable because it really does help you know okay where are they sniffing and so if she goes to a certain Bush I can test okay is she smelling chemicals is there bad pets smell there or is she getting into you know feces or something that's bad I can also find out which yards use pesticides so if there's a particular yard that I find it's always test bad then I just try to walk around the other side of the street also remember what time of year it is spring and fall are typically your times where people work on clean cleaning up their

yards putting fertilizers and pesticides on it and that's going to be the most challenging for them my particular area spring tends to be the most challenging and so I have to really make sure that she has a really good strong immune system before going into that and so I wash her feet at the front door as much as possible so I'm not tracking that in I also make sure that the shoes that I'm walking on I don't track those throughout the house too so that's really helpful so those are some things that help make your walk with your much more fun and more healthy for you so this is from Jodi and Stark lung techniques you can visit our website at quanta techniques calm and you can download lots of great material and learn more about what quantum techniques does and how we do it and learn more about different videos that help your health and you can request a session to work with me to help you or your dog have a healthy immune system little summer winter all right blessings from Kwan techniques [Music]