18 April 2019

Watch Dog 2 Graffiti - Is It Trash?!

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we got to do is meet everybody at home 14 ice sheet at the bench ladies and gentle it's a got a video they think is a little overdue we're gonna be reviewing the graffiti and watchdogs to a game that came out in 2016 but I'm just now getting to but before we dive into that let me just let you guys know today's video is sponsored by audible.com you can find a link to a month free of audible in the description down below I'll talk more about that the end of the video warning dope graffiti ahead look at this Duke throw up this is pretty solid stuff I like how they actually paid extra attention to the letter name positioning of the K to the e so instead of having the middle of the e come down here we're relaxed structure because this leg of the K would overlap it they move to the center of the eat upwards and brought it up here where the K doesn't overlap it's a pretty smart decision a lot of graffiti artists probably would not have made that choice and that was the right choice to make a really really simple thing but it definitely works out for the best good execution well ain't that something this is I wish this mural was in my

hometown what I do really want to say about the graffiti in this game is if they don't really scale it too well and I understand it's back in 2016 things have changed since then but I mean scaling is is it's not something super crazy and technologically advanced it's just scaling an image and there's multiple times where you see throw ups or even straight letters like this green right down here that should not be that small and they are this is something that spider-man the new one that came out for the ps4 the something that they did phenomenal fun they scaled everything to a realistic size and this game does not always do that however comma the hand styles are sick look at this change the rules this is dope I love these kind of ours I absolutely adore those but this is this is pretty sick stuff right here oh nasty I'll kiss your kitty let me stop that's like inappropriate that's not family-friendly they have a lot of dope hairstyles once again love the region-based hand styles here this is some good stuff and then also like the they've hired real graffiti artists to do this artwork you can tell because look at this hand style

that's not something a toy is gonna do this proves that your letters don't have to be crazy and technical in order all he has is a little extension here on the W that's it then he has a basic structure ARF within a variant structure E and then a basic structure n CH really clean dope handsome I'm really feeling this piece right here I wish I could see more of it but the gameplay I was watching they didn't bother to look over to the right can't blame they're not a graffiti artist boy this is a solid straight learner gotta love that blue filling and I love how the fact they have maybe a six letter name and the reason I say maybe is because we can't see what comes after the art but it's hard to imagine anything else would come after the arc and with the six letter name it against something called letter groupings where depending on the amount of letters in your name you can group the letters differently in order to do different things with the name for example patterns in this case they take the odd numbers and they make them different colors in order to drive a lot of attention to those letters the first

letter although being an odd number it has to be the setting standard for the rest of the normal letters that's why you'll see the S look like the LVM and the are the a is when they begin their like pattern if you will in quotation marks and that's gonna drive a lot of attention to that a and then they have the backwards three being the e where it's all white and red which has dramatic contrast with the blue filling and the black 3d so that's some really good stuff right and that's that's really smart on the graffiti artists part you're gonna hear my mouth like I'm kissing your kitty and here we have a crumb throw up right you have the C right here you have the R and then you have the O and the M and we can tell it's an R for anybody curious because you have that little line right there which indicates negative space which is something that the ropes are very very famous for when there's negative space they usually use a symbol or a line to indicate this for example here's your line and then here's your symbol and then in throw-ups open counters are typically turned into closed counters once again reducing that negative space

and increasing the speed of doing the throw-up so that's why you have down here with the are the leg of the r connects to the spot of the arm or the stem of the RF you're doing more typography and stem and same thing here on the M where the right side of the M collapses back into the center of the M to close that counter all and if you compare the right side the om to the left side you'll see that the right side actually outweigh the left-side they could have easily have increased the weight of this site by simply just doing the see larger or doing the see are larger either way would have worked and it didn't even have to be much longer to go on to throw this is good that's a little bit nitpicky because we can tell this person knows what they're doing so overall this is really good I'd have to give this graffiti a solid like seven or eight out of ten this was some really good stuff now the reason I give it a seven or eight out of ten is because I have not seen the pieces in this game I could not find pictures of it so once again if any of you guys own this game and can get high quality pictures of the graffiti please send it to my email

anyway ladies and gentleman that brings the end of today's video hopefully you enjoyed it if you did be sure to hit me with that link and if you have to let me do a review of any graffiti and movies TV show or games let me know in the comments down below as I said at the beginning this video today's episode was sponsored by audible.com that's right that's the place where you can listen to books if you really bad at reading like me you see i'm dyslexic so reading legitimately gives me a headache and being able to listen to it is a great alternative for me if you haven't curious about Game of Thrones or any other novels or even art books be sure to pick it up using audible I have a code for 30 days free as well as a free audiobook in the description down below be sure to go and check it out anyway for those of you guys who knew here my name is John grim we go out with weekly art videos so be sure to subscribe hope to see you guys back around and I swear I'll do less kitty kissing next time I'll catch you guys next time but until then peace