08 June 2016

Watch Dogs 2 - GAMEPLAY BLOWOUT! Walkthrough of Features: Multiplayer & Hacking! (E3 2016)

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hey guys what's up its robbie with oprah

old games and i'm joined by my twin bro ryan hey everyone and just what we've got the reveal gameplay from watch dogs too oh my oh yeah brand new details about new gameplay mechanics crafting weapons the story multiplayer and so much more so let's dive straight into it so we'll briefly tell you a little bit about the background story for watchdogs too well ditches Aiden Pearce first of all as the main protagonist and we will be getting Marcus Holloway instead a kid raised in Oakland who was incorrectly profiled by CTOs 2.0 which is going to be the upgraded ctos from the first game now Marcus teams up with hacker group dead sack you may have heard of them before to take on corruption in San Francisco which will be acting as your new open role play ground this time around he's going to be the polar opposite of aiden pearce with a very outgoing and socially involved personality now in terms of gameplay watch dogs too will be offering a more open structure to how the story and missions are laid out and Ubisoft is introducing us to operations which can be played in any order and instead of gaining XP from completing these you'll

actually gain followers instead so that's pretty interesting in the operations will be a wide variety of missions including spying and other such activities yeah and Marcus is also going to be better at parkour than aiden pearce this time around you may have noticed that from the gameplay clips he's going to be faster and there's going to be a better more immediate flow with its movements you'll also be using a homemade billiard ball as a melee weapon it's definitely a different choice for sure but we hope to see more melee weapons in the future too yeah I'm curious to see if that weapon has a backstory to it and the reason why he's using it and by the way you will be able to customize the heck out of Marcus with various clothing options as seen here so that is going to be returning and I'm really digging the clothing styles it definitely looks more appropriate than wearing a trench coat all the time and so there's going to be proper co-op in the open relying on which is really exhausted you can seamlessly join one another's games and play co-op missions together and we hope this extends to the main story missions as well so that's

the entire game together but from what I Jean suggests this baby the case so stay tuned for news on that so on so it'll be keeping our eyes peeled for them and you'll also be able to matchmake in co-op with random people too if you don't have a friend that's online at that time yep that's awesome now for the hacking abilities you can use the mass hack tool to hack everyone's phones to cause a distraction while you plan your getaway of course you're going to have to progress through the story through the missions to get to the point of these mass hacks which there's going to be a lot of mass hack abilities in this one and a lot of you are very worried about the driving model which was lacking in watch dogs well now it is going to be much more arcadey and easier to get into unlike watch dogs one which had extremely loose handling for the cars so that's good Knicks and they're also saying that watch dogs too is going to be all about player choice and freedom besides it is an overall game so this is really good news as well and you'll be able to complete the entire gang without killing anyone or of course you can murder everyone in your pal yeah

so go for it I don't know if your kill all the civilians this time or not we'll see I don't know if you become like the hardcore bad guy that'll be interesting yeah y unhappy has also seen improvements all cars can be hacked and this will offer new strategies like running over some poor fools and if you need cover you can remote control a car and actually pull it in front of you which is also cool and we also see here drones are going to be a big part of the game allowing you to scout in hack into security unsee and this is the big one there's also going to be weapon blueprints this time around for crafting so I think this will push the co-op aspect even further to get those blueprints collected you also be able to use debt sex advanced 3d printer to print out your own gun designs from the blueprints you have collected that is awesome so they're integrating a lot of new technology with the drones and the three right yeah game yep and the biggest feature were curious about at this point is definitely the multiplayer aspect which was pretty lackluster in the first watchdog for you so can you take your

craft weapons into multiplayer how well PvP work will be seamless and can more than one player invade your gaming world and of course will the entire thing be able to play cooperatively like yeah like a financial seeing a player story-driven missions that's my dream I hope that is the case this time around and of course yes watchdogs to does have a release date it is November 15th of this year a guy stay tuned here Q open world game for more watchdogs to and more open world gaming goodness we will have tons more coverage about wats talks to you better believe it thanks guys for watching and we will see you in San Francisco see you there you