01 June 2014

Watch Dogs - Clara Death Scene

The saddest part of Watch Dogs. ▻More Watch Dogs: http://tinyurl.com/l77krrf ▻Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/qbtyad2 ▻Twitter: http://tinyurl.com/ovkereq Set in ...

what did you do

hello Aidan I can't decide where to begin the first time I saw you you were playing chess with Jackson in the park both of you feel very sad from them funeral I could see how you made him feel faith in our world we hide in the dark behind monitors that's the only place we feel safe it isn't enough to say that I didn't know that life would be laughter that it was only a job I thought if I could help you he'll help you find answers maybe I could feel myself but I can't and this is all over I hope we can at least talk or not at least I can't disappear that's something I'm good at what have I done I brought this on Clara and all of this comes down to blackmail six-year-old girl dies because an old man must protect his secrets bloom they can spin all they want to the press but their hands are bloody I'm done with secrets Pierce tell me got everything you wanted because I'm fuckin tired it's Clara she forget her you got enough to worry about she's dead oh no oh god damn it mama way back it's

time to end all this