08 June 2014

Watch Dogs Part 27 - The Finale - Gameplay Walkthrough PS4

27 Act 5 Sometimes You Still Lose Thanks for the support on this series! Here is the ending of the game. My Website, Facebook and Twitter ...

move out the way noobs come on people

wake up I know it's early but wake up I'm the vigilante but I'm not trying to kill you innocent people I need to get a new car fast as soon as I see something nice I'm taking it out look look at this gift I was given it even matches my coat get out of here oh that guy's a vegetarian oh now he's a vegetable he's just injured he wasn't whoo was that a grandma she got some nice moves she got out of there quickly I hope the ending of this mission isn't a chase because it's daytime now I wouldn't want to try to get away during the day I purposely play all my missions at night that's something I learned very early Oh what happened here what happened to the nice handling I purposely play all my missions at night if I can because it's so much easier you have everything at your advantage at your disposal so that's what I try to do although some missions you have no choice like the bedbug mission when you had to follow him around the hood and also the mission I believe because I tried to do it at night the mission where you had to drive away your sister it did a time work let me park the car here in the front just in case there's a

getaway you don't know what's going to happen in here if I got to get away I got my ride right there and I'm out of here I'm gone in peace when we are dead sick we've been watching we know what you're doing you're killing the lawns to see it cos enjoying the show give us 30 seconds for what 30 seconds insides eat cos we drop in our colon then with the system reboots dead set will control the machine from inside the record boom is broken thirty seconds is all we need thirty seconds no-one knows our little secret we will be your Wharf dogs now I'm tired of all the noise not forget this those news are funny why would they even bother asking me I'm at the end of the game I got everything I want I got everything I need I don't need these noobs they're done I got unlock the one down here turn this to the side now how do I get the power there how in the world do I do that look at how do I get that over there what am I missing oh this piece right here I didn't even see that

turn this up there we go another server room for the wind let's get this game over with here we go I'd link to a satellite from your t-bone fires would be moving to her sister and stop Damian in the final god you why did I get some cash for rebooting the system look at this I've already got $500,000 I don't need that cash I'm ready for a chase if I have to get up use a boat to reach Damien where is he ah he's on that island I haven't been to he's at that lighthouse thing I've seen that area before because sometimes I'll be running away from the cops and I'm in a bowl and then oh why are you so damn stubborn Quinn's dead you got your sister back Clara she stabbed you in the back she helped kill your precious Leena you know it's true what about you some might blend you for Lena's death I wonder who would think that huh but why stop there perhaps we had blame you as I recall the Merlotte job was your plan I blame myself every day for the plan for meeting you for not

stopping you when I had the chance I don't make that mistake I see a problem I step in oh yeah the vigilante I've read your headline you're the only problem I see now and I'm coming for you why is the time of day changing again because during the mission it was night time then when I was driving to this part of the mission it was daytime now it's back to night time you see this cheese I could never understand why that happens in this game it's like the time just White House power still running out there that's Damian I guess this part of the game is supposed to be at night even though the mission that I did before was that night but it took so long that daytime came so then they set up we just got a cheese and change the time of day back tonight hey that is funny let's see if I can just jump out without touching the water okay yeah I'm gonna touch the water up splash remember when you and I first decided to pool our talents the schemes we were planning oh we had so much Drive but never like this side we've taken down a goddamn stage who cares your little noob but it makes me wonder in

this game why were we even doing that Merlotte job when look at all the money I made I made five hundred thousand dollars just walking the streets so why were we in that hotel doing now I'm betting my final hours standing on the widow's walk that's what they call the lighthouse look out the widow's walk did you know that I didn't seem spinning everything reeks of Damien could be anywhere just waiting for me he knows I'm coming ah this could be it he could shoot is he out here why won't it let me aim the gun aimed the gun he's going to be right there come on surprise surprise you got a speech Demian anything you want to say you know who I am now that's it that's all you got hey fuck here look at you you Platt over people to get to a mob boss you think you're absolved because your cause is what noble you played me that's what this is about I played it Clara is as much your fault so is your niece that's why you sent your family away right they know what you are you play a beautiful game but sometimes you still lose our blah blah Jesus you guys talk a lot what are you

doing here sorry pal new contract get over what come on kick it over oh you're hilarious you know you guys take things far too personally that's your problem that's why this went wrong these lessons to be learned here fellas up up up up phone - give it to me come on hand it over we both know you can't do that yes what a splash take that useful three buffer goodbye kick god oh I don't know what Damien wanted in those final moments death I suppose I thought I could fix the little girl's death but instead it led to all of this expose lies corrupted kings broken City and me changed man I don't look back anymore I don't regret look forward everything is connected and I'll use that to expose to protect if necessary to punish I'm bleeding here yes I'm holding up I got one last bone for you to chase Murray finally gave in then suddenly he was all talk I'll give you a location the rest you can work out yourself that's business yeah that's right it's all business

Jordi's like then tiny fixer keeps the loosens clean Maurice is one of his loose ends and he's ultimately my problem he's the one who shot my car killed my niece I want to say we're different but I don't know anymore how many people have I heard killed who deserves to die who decides that Oh to clean up some loose ends I know you'd be back hey guys I guess we don't know what to stop it's done you're the last there it's no less you're in it now I warn you these guys they're like nothing ever seen before you fucking think it's over no but now they have something to fear what the fuck what's wrong with you man huh you're fucked you get that we're both Fox fucking show me come on make you sleep better at night kill the guy that killed your niece good for you you selfish fuck yeah deserve Bank has changed anything

nothing never changes why to three five one two three five I know it I knew it yeah ah is he gonna kill himself oh-oh-oh he's still alive isn't he he's just trying to play games oh the lights just came on look at that cheese I could walk away or I could slay I mean why walk away though what's the point of walking away in this situation what does that do he's the reason for all this you know the rules I'm a bad mother mother oh wait what that it won't let me aim down I wanted to shoot him in the balls I got hit with the aiming cheese I just want to say thank you for all the support on this series I had a lot of fun playing this game I'm so glad I picked it up this game definitely fit my style of play my commentary I'm looking forward to the next let's play I'm not sure what games are coming out soon but the next

game that interests me I will be playing and I will be doing a series for I thought about doing Wolfenstein and murdered suspect but I can only do one game at a time so once again thanks for watching I'm gonna leave you with the ending credits because they are talking about the game so you might want to hear that once again mayor rushmore is dead police are not revealing any information the leaked documents found extensive corruption and deep ties between the mayor and the chicago south club leader lucky Quinn did the mayor kill himself over this exposure or was he executed saloon director of public relations Charlotte Gardner has issued a statement regarding the recent CEOs troubles we knew all along that our CTOs network would be a target for hackers of all strengths and skills it's been an excellent proving ground to demonstrate how robust our system really is we're so pleased with the results our firewall security withheld the worst of the attacks and in some cases trip switches closed the systems off before any access could be gained your personal information remains secure our CTOs

network is restored to full operations in a world where we want to spend more time with loved ones be active in our communities have safer healthier homes and cities bloom industries listen to your needs we are embarking on a global journey CTOs 2.0 on the global stage CTOs 2.0 making smart cities even smarter up next an interview with a woman who claims to know the vigilante aiden pearce renowned child psychologist Yolanda Mendez is with us dr. Mendez your story is extraordinary you actually know Aiden Pearce the man we know as the vigilante tell us how that came about I met mr. Pearce through the family his sister this was a surprise to us we couldn't find any information about him at all it's great that you've come forward you were treating her son for trauma yes well naturally I can't discuss any of that not even their names no no we wouldn't ask you to but that's how you met Aiden Pearce what's he like it's impossible to say for certain what he's really like he masks his personality and he's very

good at it is he anything like someone playing poker this is a very smart man who is looking to a me upper hand in every situation and you're writing a book yes I am it's a book about the whole experience a study on mr. Pierce I really wanted to explore this complex man's mind I'm sure it'll be a fascinating read dr. Mendes thank you Disick has had enough our warnings have fallen on deaf ears our reputation has been attacked by such a default heed our final one there will be a reckoning your vigilant Huggins our Watchers we are toppled we are well a statement from the Commissioner's Office acknowledges the recent decline in criminal activity the vigilante known as the Fox is only given the slightest praised for his crime-fighting efforts an anonymous source told our reporters that members of the police department are more enthusiastic about the vigilante than they are allowed to publicly disclose it started with a trail of evidence and the arrest of Joseph DeMarco but Chicago law enforcement are assuring the public that their investigation into human

trafficking is far from over not long after DeMarco pled guilty to all charges police confirmed that an employee of the state government had evidence connecting the governor of Illinois to the human trafficking ring city officials are picking up the pieces from the shocking chaos brought on by a massive CTOs malfunction the city experienced major power outages bridge disruptions and thousands of dollars in damages while CTOs is back online many are raising questions about the safety features needed to run a complex system in a major city