16 January 2015

Watch my chops | Corneil & Bernie - A dog's life S01E17 HD

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I am a dog that dog this incredibly

bright I can talk breed and retard and serve your nature lovely day and all of the guy for neo will control and much more burning but keep it yourself gonna stay with you Anna me watch my jaw shush how absurd I know we'll miss you too but Bernie will take really good care of you John Beth enjoy your vacation I'll do anything Cornell asked me to you're the world's best dog sitter Burke what do you say we go check out the new Tom Tom banana albacore neo barbarian imagine him calling me a fleabag ah chill out Cornell walk will do us good why shouldn't I that's a dog be able to take a cab like everyone else - its max a dog listen it it you blind corny there are just some places where dogs aren't allowed get over it I most certainly will not dogs have rights too my dear Bernie that dog is always in my way this teacher perdy you saw that heart being assaulted with a deadly umbrella you gotta let it go corneil it was just a little tab mrs. solos umbrella probably slept null

since she clearly attacked me and why because I am a dog and I cannot defend myself Eureka sucked in a hood must not go unpunished behalf of all dogs everywhere who will ask cannot speak for themselves I shall bring mrs. solo to justice I shall demand an apology oh yeah Wow with this my dear Bernie article 15 silicon power 16 subparagraph B clearly states every living being has their right to respect yeah a living dog which means you can't take a person to court unless perhaps you plan to plead your case by talking in public no indeed you're going to plead the case for me Oh a best dog sitter in the world after all you promised Beth you'd do anything I asked you to I suggest you read this I don't understand a word of this corny Oh what is it prize but no matter the point is to make the jury feel outraged and incensed to put them in my shoes at paws just stick to this script you'll be fine big mouth no I just realized if we lose I'll be the laughingstock of the neighborhood watch many chumps it's not as if this case is going to pair on the evening news mr. Bert how does it feel to be the

first dog sitter to represent a keen on in court did the dog know his attacker well eh one at a time the time has come for dogs to receive equal protection under the law the case of corneal vs. solo will go down in the pages of history dog history that is this is so cool corneal get ready to kick some mean old lady Bernie just promise me one thing what don't know would do it over do it what do you take me for Your Honor my client has been ruthlessly attacked by this hideous mean this person it's hard enough ladies and gentlemen for my client to lead a dog's life a life in which basic respect is denied alive shunned by taxi cabs shopping malls restaurants the list is endless but as they say a picture is worth a thousand words may I present Exhibit A who among us would volunteer to eat nothing but this objection your honor overruled continue your plea mr. bages thank you your honor Exhibit B a simple leash I think not a tyrannical cruel enumerated Jochen my stay here he'll give oppression please observe tragic isn't it

imagine yourself thusly shackled day in and day out who could bear it but if my client should dare to bark in protest of his wretched fate because of unfeeling uncaring humans like they accuse Your Honor this is an outrage my colleague is presenting his client as the poor victim but inside this dog there's a monster lying dormant ready to attack all the honest citizens in this city like mrs. Sullivan and I can prove it look carefully at the dog's reaction amusing distraction Court is recessed for 10 minutes after pull quite so hard on the lead Bernie ah quit complaining the jury's eating it up it's totally in the bag my client mrs. solo has requested a meeting in the judge's chambers so mrs. solo you want to come to a friendly agreement yes well I advice of my lawyer I wanted to offer your client and apology um corneil I'm sorry that I attacked you why my client refuses to be swayed by hollow apologies we intend to see this trial through to ever but she apologized Benny we'd won some things are more important than winning corneil we're gonna make an example often trust me

Your Honor I call two new witnesses to the stand oh no John Beth as Cornell's owners would you say that he is an aggressive animal our corneil oh no he's the sweetest most affectionate dog in the world wouldn't hurt a fly haha there you happy this defendant had no reason to savagely beat my client - with an inch of his poor under privileged life I have no further questions your honor what we do John Beth is it true that you feed the plaintiff nothing but nasty little dog biscuits no his meals are all catered by the best chef in town and we just remodeled his room with all new made-to-measure furniture and we signed him up to that new all dog channel on TV isn't that right first your honor I think we've seen enough of this charade about the dog's life the plaintiff allegedly leads oh come on is a joint well the jury decides on their verdict oh so you think I might have overdone it a bit this is solo are you surprised to one I never thought for a minute that spoiled rotten dog would win this ridiculous case acting

like he's a human John Bethan I hope you're not mad at me for wrecking your vacation not at all Burnie who else would have made such a complete fool of himself defending our corneil we're so lucky to have bernie barges to watch over you aren't we precious thank her Nina we can still appeal you know healthy and joking besides some ways we won we have awakened the world to the grievances of all my fellow daughters watch where you're going