11 September 2017


WATERFALLS and HAUNTED WOODS Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubToSnowDogsVlogs We are staying at Bewabic State Park in Crystal Falls Michigan and ...

we're doing what are you doing good

morning audience come Oh good stretch Memphis get all stretched out cuz we're gonna go hike in good morning audience the dogs are already ready to go this morning well these four bananas over there I think Nora and ask her are still sleeping over there thorns like where is my daddy what what is he making all kinds of noise you could play with some bees right there this is like now that's okay you turn the camera and I'm not playing with him anymore all right we are loading everybody up and we were going on an adventure today we were going to go see some waterfalls so actually just loaded all our dogs in the car everybody else is getting their dogs ready know where you're gonna go Waterfall adventuring today because unlike yesterday which was kind of gloomy and overcast all day today he's super sunny and beautiful lay that so this is our campsite in the daylight I mean II kind of thought yesterday but it was mica Britney over there it's Gregg's tent Charles and cushioned annular over there so yeah was it pretty nice campground it's kind of on a hill but we're loaded got our walkie-talkies

I think we're ready to go Greg's got his bag I think we're ready to roll out are you ready to roll the dogs are ready look at it no goodies bubbly good I may see this puppy hey okely-dokely are you ready to roll out let's roll it out okay come on girl Sam bye oh so I all right I think we're all we're ready there's another dog there's another dog there's some more dogs this is like we're going to bond falls Memphis is trying to cut y'all she's trying to cut you and it being good they're enjoying the view method yay so that was bond Falls we actually haven't been there in a really long time yes we have AC cranked because it's actually what did you say it was outside it's not that warm it's only 73 it's 73 but the Sun is directly above us right now so kind of getting a little bit warm the dogs are already like clicking memphis she's like I'm out Shelby's out Oakley's out back there in the corner look at you you're so cute and we're just waiting on everybody else to come back we've been here before so this was a short one for us right okay

it's a short walk yeah it's it's a short life for this waterfall so we went and we took a bunch of video and I'm actually gonna upload probably quite a few videos from this trip to YouTube Jeff youtube.com slash explore Michigan which again if you guys don't know I do have another YouTube channel and that's what it is so I'll probably be uploading some of the footage from these trips to there in like different types of videos if you want to check it out yeah we're just chilling and waiting for everybody to come back so we can go to another waterfall we are on our way to eget Falls wake up from the waterfall we found some giant mushrooms we're gonna make some lunch everybody's getting ready to eat we're gonna make some peanut butter jelly sandwiches the truck down in that waterfall was crazy it was quite treacherous so we didn't go all the way down so now we're going to make some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Jamie and I keep looking at the deeps it's a really pretty fancy black went over there and there's a blue one next to Charles's car makes us miss our red one that's for sure

peanut butter sandwich for the dog this is Oakley's favorite treat peen bar sandwich alright I'll give you guys piece of peanut butter Sam I told on though I have to break it up and split it for you guys all right we're leaving a get falls but before we leave I think we need to put Memphis in the back because I don't think writing on the center console is gonna work there as adorable as you are this this just isn't gonna work honey yeah not gonna work we're back from hiking some waterfalls and now Jamie's gonna build us a fire and check this out we have fresh very fresh sweet corn that I picked up from the farm that we're gonna cook over the fire corn yeah I guess so Oakley's like I would eat some of this too well there's a lot of us here so she gave me a lot we don't have to cook it all we can just slowly put it on throughout the night to if we want to it'll be delicious dee laughs what are you doing Jamie yeah this was the way little bit did you angle it like like the internet told me to do that was epic oh my gosh really quick oh my goodness Shelby's

like yeah good yeah you definitely don't look like you're drooping down so much yeah you probably could oh yeah there you go you want a new hammock don't ya and you know I guess that's how you do it yeah that would definitely hurt oh my god you're gay he's gonna hit the ground oh my goodness you crazy boys [Laughter] how long's the corn got a soap should be like half hour minimum okay there's only the bottom one yeah one that's emerged [Music] she's like she's sniffing I'm sorry she's like wait that smells like me is that your old harness Shelby see got your old harness on huh he does no you can't reach an aura you can almost reach her what but almost Memphis is just like I don't know what's going on I was napping mmm food on the foyer hey my camera is all smoky everything what's the deal corn and wieners and brats cooking all the things oh yeah we could have them come down the trail like set for 30 seconds but massacre look here hey oh yeah yeah well

I smell a comforter or does it smell amazing oh yeah Memphis why I got sideways ears with a woman I don't understand she's like oh sorry sorry I wasn't talking to you I was talking to this dog oh she got bit by a mosquito he was listening to the mosquitoes behind her that's what she was doing so we're sitting here at the fire and it sounds like there's a few owls over there in the woods did you see him at all it's something else something and something else I don't know later those are all zero but every now and then there's another way how weird huh yeah I don't even know that this camera will pick up the noise hmm yeah we're just chilling listening to the crazy noises coming out of the woods yeah let's just say who at all do they yeah that's different noise wow that's so weird have you out there somewhere Oh cow we're coming down to say I can't see anything when I get down here we're all standing out here in the woods looking for critters we probably look pretty funny this tree he says this tree right here that tree that's where he thinks it is they haven't made noise

again in a minute he said he's over there now they're over here they're surrounding us do they give Brittany that word that's not an owl how crazy I could be quiet so crazy hi hon you were there it is creepy looking it's out there somewhere amazing he's not that far that way my mom's over there well they're out there somewhere pretty cool what are you girls waiting for we just went outside you already had treats now it's time to go to bed I'm like I'm surprised you're not already sleeping like this girl over here look at this girl look at her you are just asleep and you're like I'm done I had I hiked waterfalls I saw doggy friends I got to play with people I got petted a bunches now I'm sleeping oh all right you guys we hope you enjoyed today's crazy adventurer video as always if you are new to this channel and you liked what you saw don't forget to hit that subscribe button like this video and share with your friends to help us grow the audience as always thanks so much for watching thanks for subscribing stay positive dream big and we will see

you again see goodnight audience Shelby I don't think you could get any more comfy you look so stinking cute yeah you do so stinking cute Thanks [Music] [Music]